Miele, Lega: “PNRR: SCHOOL PLAN 4.0, Innovative Learning Environments”, Lega’s conference with Minister Valditara tomorrow in Latina

School, innovation and Pnr, these issues will be discussed tomorrow in Latina in the presence of the Minister of Education and Merit, Giuseppe Valditara, in the conference entitled: “PNRR: SCHOOL PLAN 4.0, Innovative Learning Environments”.

An initiative strongly desired by the deputy Giovanna Miele, member VII of the Culture Commission in the Chamber, and by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, Claudio Durigon, which once again testifies the attention of the League for the province of Latina and the city capital.

“We will address a very important topic – explains the Honorable Miele -, I would say strategic for our education and training system and therefore for the country system. The Digital school plan is the synthesis with which the investment line of the PNRR mission 4 is commonly described; and the summary does not fully indicate its strategic importance. Here we talk, more fully, of integrated digital teaching and training on the digital transition of school staff. Educational technologies NOT ONLY imply a set of tools and techniques but a planning that has the objective of making learning more effective, of improving it. This is the reason for the title we have given to the conference: “innovative learning environments. Innovation school and Pnnr, the future of our country is at stake on these issues and together, by confronting ourselves with the main players in the school world, we must face them with seriousness, commitment and determination”.

Among the speakers, as well as of course the Honorable Giovanna Miele, Undersecretary Durigon and Minister Valditara who will close the conference with his speech, Senator Roberto Marti, president of the VII permanent commission (culture, public education, sport) of Madame Palace. Professor Pina Cochi member of the cabinet office of the Minister of Education and Merit.

Laura Pazienti, who contributed to the drafting of the Italia Domani plan, a national recovery and resilience plan and who currently holds the position of Director of office VI OF THE GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF SCHOOL PERSONNEL, an office that deals with the training of school staff .Professor Roberta Venditti, Headmaster IC Frezzotti-Corradini, pole school for digital training. Professor Ugo Vitti, Headmaster of IIS San Benedetto, one of the most complex institutes in the province of Latina which encompasses a professional technical agricultural, hotel and chemical address. Appointment therefore not to be missed, to discuss and discuss School Innovation and Pnrr tomorrow, Wednesday 25 January, in Latina at 6 pm at the Hotel Europa, in the presence of the Minister of Education and Merit of the Italian Republic, Professor Giuseppe Valditara and of many stakeholders in the school world.

So a note the Honorable Joan Honeydeputy of the League of the province of Latina.