Laval: from engineering school to the Unis

Hugo Charlot is in civic service with Unis-Cité. The Laval resident had to abruptly stop his engineering studies due to illness. He knows that he will flourish in the social. (© Courrier de la Mayenne)

Young people in civic service United-City each have their own story. Some wanted to retrain, others no longer felt in their place in the school career. There are also those who have had no wishes granted on CourseSup.

Ugo Charlot, 24, is part of the 6e promoted to Laval (Mayenne). A few months ago, the Laval resident was predestined to an engineering career. The disease has decided to interfere.

“I didn’t want to say at school that I was sick”

Holder of a scientific baccalaureate obtained in 2016, Hugo Charlot continued his studies in scientific preparation in Rennes before taking the direction of Alsace. “I joined a school of chemical engineers in Strasbourg. The degree interested me because it opens many doors, especially in this specialty. “He validates his first year despite health problems. The following year, the situation did not improve. “I didn’t want to tell school that I was sick. I ended up repeating it. Hugo tried to resume at the start of the school year, but had to stop everything. “School had become incompatible with my health, and I couldn’t repeat a year twice. So, in September 2021, he returned to Laval for treatment.

Two months of hospitalization

At the beginning of 2022, the necessary hospitalization will last two months. “During this period, I liked going to patients who were not doing well. And I was a bit disconnected from the outside world. The concern for the other follows him when he leaves the hospital. From the following month, Hugo, who is and will always be followed by doctors for his illness, becomes Volunteer at Restos du Coeur. He is responsible for preparing orders for distribution centers. A mission he carried out for five months. “I was confirmed in my choice to go into the social field,” he testifies.

A mission whose cause would be close to his heart

His sister being in civic service, Hugo looks into the subject with this desire to integrate a mission whose cause would be close to his heart. Very quickly, he targets the one that bears the name of Solidarity caregivers. And it’s been a month since he wears with ease the specific orange t-shirt of Unis-Cité.

We have started to meet the parents and their children with autism that we are going to support. We will be two days a week in structure, within the IME (Medico-educational Institute) Jean-Baptiste-Messager. We learn how to do things, how not to rush the children, etc., from the educators. It’s interesting, and pleasant because the children are in demand for the activities.

Hugo Charlot

The mission also continues outside the IME: “We are here to allow parents to breathe. The children meet in neighborhood houses. Outings are also organised. at La Perrine, in the wood of L’Huisserie, etc. Fun times outside the home are also planned with siblings.

“A taste of unfinished”

Solidarity caregivers means knowing how to adapt to each child: “What can calm one will not necessarily calm the other”, Hugo has already seen. Over the weeks and for eight months, the four members of the mission will learn from the professionals. Already, the Laval resident is confirmed in his choices by the path he has just taken. The failure of the engineering school will remain as “a taste of unfinished business, because [il était] on the verge of obtaining a good diploma”. Hugo notes, however, that “being useful is very rewarding”.

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Through the ordeal of illness, which will have upset a destiny that seemed all mapped out, the Laval resident was able to count on the support of his family: “It was necessary to digest at the beginning, but they always encouraged me. They tell me today that I can be proud of myself. »

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Laval: from engineering school to the Unis-Cité mission