Monique Trotin, vice-president of the Loir-Lucé-Bercé community of municipalities responsible for culture, alongside the director of the inter-municipal music school, Régis André. ©Le Petit Courrier – The Echo of the Loir Valley

Linter-municipal music school Loir-Lucé-Bercé, located in Marçon and Montval-sur-Loir (Sarthe), is also making its comeback! And the recovery is looking pretty good since the school is already showing on the counter more 200 registered ! “Registration lasts the whole month of September”, recalls the director, Régis André.

This year, several novelties are to be reported.

Our music training courses will change. Students will make music while participating in hands-on workshops.

The traditional (and theoretical) music theory gets a makeover to become more playful : “transmitting musical training while practicing an instrument is a growing trend. This makes lessons more dynamic and allows children to learn to play together. »

Many ongoing projects

Current music musical training courses continue to be developed, also in the form collective workshops. “We’ve been experimenting with this format for three years and we haven’t had any departures,” rejoices the director.

Always new: the formation of a choral for the children 6 to 12 years old. They will meet in Montval on Wednesday afternoon.

The singing workshops, organized once a month, continue on Saturday afternoon. “This allows students who do not have the availability to come to school every week to still take a course. »

Other projects are underway, in particular with the Association of the Mills of Paillard who “will welcome us for an internship in April supervised by the teachers of the school and by a professional composer. We have also planned a big musical party on June 4 at the Moulins de paillard site. We want to do something very festive”.

Videos: currently on Actu

“That everyone has access to culture”

The school of the territory will not be outdone with, in addition to interventions every week in the establishments, a vast project orchestra at school in the municipality of The man.

Launched for two years, this experiment will allow students in CE2 and CM1 to practice a musical instrument for two years.

The community of municipalities invests in instruments for schoolchildren. Once the two years have elapsed, the orchestra can be set up again in another school. This is a huge opportunity for children who, regardless of social class, will have access to practice an instrument.

Monique Trotin, vice-president of the community of communes Loir-Lucé-Bercé in charge of culture.

She ends: “In four municipalities, Aurélien Jarry, a actor, will set up theater and music projects in schools, from kindergarten to CM2. We really want all families, regardless of their means, to have access to culture. »

17 teachers welcome students this year to two sites: chemin des Gourdeaux in Marçon, and Parc du Mesnil at 88 avenue Jean-Jaurès in Château-du-Loir.

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Loir-Lucé-Bercé: 200 registered for the resumption of the music school