Lorenzo Natali warned about the abandonment of the Vergara school in Bahía Blanca

After entering a project in the Buenos Aires Chamber of Deputies claiming the General Directorate of Culture and Education the “urgent” repair of the roofs and the façade of the emblematic School “Valentin Vergara” of White Bay, the provincial legislator lorenzo natali warned that “We Bahians cannot get used to living with the image of a fenced school”.

In dialogue with Buenos Aires Deputiesthe Bahian deputy of Together He explained that “the building is one of the most important symbols of the city and is in the very center.” “When we passed by there, 150 meters from the main square, we found four years ago a fence with plates covered with stickers, generating rat nests and a nauseating smell,” he graphed.

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Yesterday, this medium gave an account of a project entered by the also deputy of Bahia Blanca Natalia Dziakowski, made with the co-authorship of Natalie, where they denounce that “the building has serious infrastructure deficiencies that date back to many years of apathy and abandonment”. “Classes had to be suspended countless times due to these failures,” they warned.

It is that the educational establishment “Valentin Vergara” where they work Primary School No. 2the Secondary No.6the Julius Caesar Institute Keep it up and a part of the Headquarters of Educational Inspectionsince mid-2018 it has been surrounded by a “preventive fencing due to collapse danger”.

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More than a thousand students pass the corridors of the abandoned educational institutions which bears the name of the former governor and intendant of White Bay during its founding in 1929, Valentin Vergara. “Today we see how the work habitat of the school is affected by the boarding up and the lack of ventilation,” he added. natali.

We have 16 classrooms with a significant number of students in the Primary school that is replicated in the Secondary and the Institute. There are many children who are suffering the consequences. We need to provide decent conditions because in recent years we had suspension of classes. On the outside there is danger of collapse, “said the deputy natali.

Lorenzo Natali asks for answers from the Province for the stoppage of the works of the Valentín Vergara school.

The School “Governor Valentin Vergara” it is a true emblem of the locality of the Sixth electoral sectionwhich was even declared Provincial Historical Monument. As highlighted by the legislators in the initiative entered this Tuesday, from the location of the preventive fence to date, hardly “some improvements were made in the bathrooms during 2020 and 2021 with items from the Educational Fund.”

Requests to reactivate the works have been repeated for a long time, but the provincial authorities do not react. People pass by the place and take it as normal. It is the consequence of almost two decades of neglect and lack of maintenance. Nope it may be that we get used to living with that image”, he emphasized natali.

In this sense, the joint deputy He pointed out that “the provincial government promises a lot, there is a lot of talk about the Budget, but the most important school is in this state.” “From words to deeds, there is a long way”, paraphrased the popular saying that is well adapted to the times that run for the locality of Bahia.

followed step, natali recalled that “Kicillof also promised in June works to water supply, but in many cases they have not even started”. “Summer is going to come and the supply will not be enough, because we don’t have a contingency plan either,” he criticized.

The works of the Valentín Vergara school have been paralyzed for four years.
The works of the Valentín Vergara school have been paralyzed for four years.

It is worth remembering that the Secretary of Water Resources of the province of Buenos Aires recognized at the beginning of the month that the Bahía Blanca water system is “detonated” and that “by the end of the year the replacement of the pipes in 250 blocks from downtown Bahia”.

“Bahía has the entire system destroyed: there are transportation problems from the water source, mainly the Paso de las Piedras dam; also purification, because the plant is not enough; the distribution is detonated, and 50% of the city has losses”, stated at the time, the Undersecretary of Water Resources, Guillermo Jelinski.

In relation to the problem of water, natali confided that “long ago I spoke with the authorities of ABSA to implement a contingency plan because the works are good but they will not be on time”. “The answer was that the governor wants substantive works, with which I agree, but we are not going to have them and if we continue like this this summer we are going to have a very bad time,” he concluded.

Lorenzo Natali warned about the abandonment of the Vergara school in Bahía Blanca