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During the municipal council held on Tuesday, September 20, Jean-Marc Vayssouze notably confirmed the return of CM1-CM2 students to the premises of the Pierre Ségala school, where the ceiling suffered significant damage.

In Cahors, the Pierre Ségala school, in the Bellevue district, has not finished making people talk. On September 5, a storm had seriously damaged its already weakened ceiling. Ahead of the deliberations of the municipal council which was held this Tuesday, September 20, Elsa Bougeard, opposition municipal councilor, from the “Cap à gauche” list, echoed a letter written by parents of school students. “I want to clarify, so that there is no confusion, that this intervention is non-partisan on my part, and that it does not mean that parents endorse what I represent politically,” he said. she indicated. Three of these parents of students were also present in the hall of the municipal council, provided with sheets bearing the inscription “J’aime Ségala”. In the letter, the parents ask in particular for confirmation of the return of students from CM1 and CM2 classes after the All Saints holidays, as well as confirmation of the schedule providing for the renovation of the roof in 2023.

A decision taken by the school board

“These works will be well done in 2023”, replied the mayor of Cahors Jean-Marc Vayssouze. As for the return of the students, currently welcomed in the Jean Calvet school, the elected official explains that he wanted the choice to be made “in a collegial way, in a school council”. During this meeting, which was held on Monday, “it was decided to return CM1 and CM2 students to the Bellevue school buildings, but ensuring that security was maximum. That’s why we have started the work with the roofer and that we have requested outside expertise”.

The mayor then continued with a few words on energy management in the face of climate change: “Many cities are forced, because of energy problems, to close their aquatic complex. This is not the case for us for two reasons: we wanted to maintain the management system, and the heating network allows us to cope with the increase in energy costs. […] My ambition has always been to find this balance between maintaining our buildings, committing to the challenges to come, and also being able to offer our citizens the amenities of any city”.

The redevelopment of Place Chapou is debated

Another source of controversy during this municipal council: the redevelopment of Place Chapou. To take into account the studies relating to an assistance mission to the contracting authority, Vincent Bouillaguet, deputy mayor, submitted to the vote the revaluation of program authorizations to €135,000 (compared to €100,000 previously). In December, we had abstained on the vote on the studies of Place Chapou. This evening, we are going to vote against”, underlined Daniel Morer from the list “Cahors together and otherwise”, invoking “the sense of priorities”. Elsa Bougeard also took the floor, specifying that the project “should be postponed”, in part because of the Pierre Ségala school and believing that the investments of the municipality should be more focused on responses to climate change. If all the opposition councilors then voted against the deliberation, the measure was adopted by the rest of the assembly.

Still on the subject of energy, the elected officials officially launched a reflection on the establishment of a wood-fired heating network in the Terre-Rouge district. This opportunity study, funded by Ademe (Environment and Energy Management Agency) and the region, was entrusted to Quercy Energies.

Cécile Cissé Lescure, from the list “Cahors together and otherwise” becomes a municipal councilor

It was during the last city council, on June 29, that Françoise de Meixmoron, from the list “Cahors together and otherwise”, announced her resignation. This Tuesday evening, Cécile Cissé Lescure took over as municipal councilor. “Françoise de Meixmoron preferred to throw in the towel, she said, because she did not feel her word was considered. […] It’s his feeling, I hope it won’t be mine,” said Cécile Cissé Lescure. “Being from a family of committed politicians, with a mayor grandfather, a great-grandfather mayor, a mayor uncle, hopefully I’ll make it right too,” she continued.

Lot: CM1-CM2 students from the Pierre Ségala school will return to class after the All Saints holidays