Lot of the La Enseñanza school was sold and there are already plans; this is known

In El Poblado there is a piece of news that has gone from low to low. On the fence that surrounds the lot that belonged to the La Enseñanza school —above La Aguacatala— there is a sign for the Fourth Curatorship. It is the permit to develop an urban project in that place, the only green property that remains in the lower area of ​​El Poblado.

Actually, the news is not as scandalous as it sounds. It was foreseeable that this place would end up being built. Even experts in urban planning and territorial planning had suggested that a partial plan could be developed there. What is relevant is that the announcement of the urban project marks the end of an era, that of the farms that dominated the eastern slope of Medellín.

For many years, the lot fed the dream of many to have a green park in El Poblado. There are 70,000 square meters of paddocks, framed by the La Enseñanza school and El Poblado avenue. Today, when the earth is already being removed for the construction of the sales room, there are still some cows that nestle and graze next to a wall.

José Fernando Álvarez, leader of the El Poblado Environmental Board, says that a few years ago he proposed that the place be acquired as an urban compensation zone, that is, the spaces that the builders give as compensation for the works.

“In 2016 I made that proposal and they paid me no attention. That was a good idea for that batch, but there was never a will”, explains the leader.

In those years, the debate was agitated about what should be done with the lot, by then property of the La Enseñanza school. Elisa Sánchez, who was the director of Corpoblado, also said that the idea was to build a park there, but that residents and citizens could not decide on a private property.

And that was what finally happened. As indicated by the sign installed on the exterior fence, the Colombia Real Estate fund acquired it for urban development. A part of the land had already been sold to the Municipality for the expansion of Avenida 34, which has already been completed in that area.

The urban project, however, is in charge of Vértice Ingeniería. EL COLOMBIANO contacted the company to find out details of the project, however, the company indicated that it was necessary to make an appointment days in advance to receive the details. On the other hand, we called the La Enseñanza school, former owner of the lot, to find out what the terms of the negotiation were. However, the employee to whom we were referred replied that she had no knowledge of the matter.

In 2019, the directives of that school had told the newspaper Vivir en El Poblado that they would not give statements about the future of the lot. That secrecy was maintained until the end.

At the moment the land is being flattened for the construction of what will be the sales room. The project would consist of seven apartment towers, a commercial area and a large front garden that would serve as a public space. Álvarez, the environmental leader who had suggested the urban compensation, said that the lot is suitable for urban development and that, from an environmental point of view, there is no but for it to be built there.

“As I have seen, there will be a good public space. The lot is of mixed use, which allows housing and commerce to be carried out. The only thing to take into account, and that we are going to expose to the administration, is that in the lower area there are several points with risk of landslides and a tributary also passes. We don’t want any more problems of this kind,” said Álvarez.

Federico Estrada, manager of La Lonja, commented that the development of the lot is consistent with the POT since development is allowed in the lower area and not on the slope.

What is certain is that the last paddock in El Poblado will be built. He had been there since the school moved from the center, in 1954.

This is the end of an era, of the farms that dominated El Poblado since the first half of the 20th century. The green patch was increasingly cornered by the buildings


square meters is what measures this lot that is in the lower part of El Poblado.


Apartment towers would be built on the lot that belonged to La Enseñanza.

Lot of the La Enseñanza school was sold and there are already plans; this is known