Magenta/Pontevecchio. The ‘Open Days’ are back at the Giacobbe Fornaroli Kindergarten

MAGENTA/PONTEVECCHIO – Registrations are open for the open-days of the two equal preschools Giacobbe and
Fornaroli. It starts on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 20 from 9.30 to 12.30.
You can visit the offices of Magenta via s. Crescenzia 73 and Pontevecchio via
Isonzo 29.
You need to register via the link:
Other dates already scheduled:
Wednesday 30 November from 17.30 to 19.00
Saturday 21 January from 9.30 to 12.30.
You can already register via the link and on the site

The two schools are known for the METHOD OF EXPERIENCE.

A method based entirely on three factors: gaining experience, looking at children, passion of the teachers.
Manu, a young teacher tells us: «The method of experience is simple: to do for
learn; tap to grow. Children are guided to get to know all the reality that surrounds them
surrounds. The spaces of the school are cared for precisely for this reason: we have abolished the classrooms
the chairs and benches for years. Instead, there are what we call “corners
of experience”: the soft corner, the wall to be painted, the warehouse for seeds, branches,
buttons and plugs, the small kitchen, the construction area. And as soon as we can, we go out into the park.”


The two schools are in fact surrounded by a lot of green space, where each section
has a space to cultivate your own vegetable garden.
Children are also educated in planting, caring for and growing plants. And, in the end, to taste the vegetables they have grown.
In summer, swimming pools also arrive, for games with water.
«We are convinced that even the leaves and pine cones in the park can be used to paint or
to build. And we invite the children to do it»says the teacher Susi – “And we’re not alone at school! During these years we also went on trips. Where is it? The trips vary according to the theme that we choose and the children we face. It’s nice to be able to live together
new experiences that enrich us first. All this is our method! »
concludes the teacher, returning to his class that claims it.

«Schools present themselves as an excellent choice for parents: I can confirm this
in person” – says Gabriele Bollasina (PHOTO BELOW), president of Magenta Nursery Schools. Dad of three children who attended school, brings his experience as a parent and manager.


«The method of experience entered our school in 2000. It is an innovative method,
studied at the University, with pedagogues who help us keep the staff at all times
updated”. In fact, 1200 hours of training are provided to personnel every year
teacher and not. “The institution puts the training, the teachers their passion”.

With 35 teachers, auxiliary staff, specialists, as well as coordinator and manager administration is one of the largest private institutions in the area.


«What are the reasons for choosing this school?

The method, already mentioned, to which I add the passion of the people who work there and undoubtedly the cuisine» The last school in Magenta with an in-house kitchen, sees chef Sara, a specialist in risotto, in the kitchen. “Leccino monocultivar” extra virgin olive oil, sent directly from the producer Salento; four menus a year; vegetables and fruit km zero are some of the strong points in Jacob’s refectory.«Children are also educated, and above all, in food» – says the cook, who adds:
«Families are amazed: here the children eat everything, not at home!

What will you do on this Open Day?

(To partecipate:
Patti, the coordinator, who has been at Giacobbe for 23 years, replies: “We want first
introduce ourselves, say who we are. For us, going to school is meeting: meeting the children and theirs
parents. Seeing parents’ eyes and being able to convey our passion to them.
Our method really talks about an encounter. An encounter that begins with the trust of
parents towards the school, and then meeting and getting to know the child.
This year the open day will be divided into shifts, but with no seat limits.
And the boys and girls will also be able to come and see their next school!

What services does the school offer? Answers with a smile Elena, the “front office” of secretariat.

«There are two schools. In Magenta il Giacobbe, with entrance from S. Crescenzia and from the square
market. At Pontevecchio the Fornaroli. Both have places for kindergarten (la
maternal, from 3 to 6 years); we also have 30 spots for the spring (2 years), which are in high demand
from families.
For those who want, we also offer pre-school from 7.30 and after-school until 18.
The English language is the second language, it is done during daily activity.
We also have music and psychomotricity workshops and vegetable gardens.

The registrations? «We open registrations from 9 January, for September 2023»

Appointment then at the OPEN DAY, on the dates listed above, where parents can find out how beautiful it is to live together these years in which the child discovers himself capable of guided by a careful and aware gaze.

To participate:
Tel. 02.97297038
Giacobbe Magenta School via S. Crescentzia 73
Fornaroli Pontevecchio school in Magenta via Isonzo 29
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Magenta/Pontevecchio. The ‘Open Days’ are back at the Giacobbe Fornaroli Kindergarten