Melun. Relieved to avoid a class closure, they remain bitter about the organization

If a class closure was avoided at the Pasteur school, many point to the problems created by the current organization of the school map. ©Screenshot/StreetView

The back to school is a stress for the parents, but also for the teaching staff. Subject to the decisions of the school map, sometimes everything has to be reorganized at the last moment. This is particularly what happened for theLouis Pasteur school at Melun (Seine et Marne).

A risky closure

This return to school has been placed under the sign of concern for the supervising staff of the Louis Pasteur school in Melun. In June, the Academy announced the permanent closure of a kindergarten class. A decision that requires reviewing the organization: “This closure is quite complicated to understand. We know that many of our students are not yet registered in June and this would increase the number of students per class. We have more and more children with disabilities, young people who do not speak French and too large classes could make their learning even more complicated, ”said Cécile Prim, representative of the FCPE for the establishment.

However, a final academic commission allows a recount at the start of the school year to readjust the number of classes to the numbers: “When there is the June commission, everything seems final. A class opening or closing impacts an entire school. “However, the representative was confident and lucid:” We are rather confident for the kindergarten class, there is a chance that it will open again. The risk is that this can disturb the students, especially after the start of the school year. »

A new puzzle

Shortly after this back-to-school commission, the news fell: the kindergarten class had to be reopened. Good news for the next schoolchildren and for the establishment, but which presages urgent work. “This is good news, but the small sections will be impacted,” reports Cécile Prim. Because a last minute change will affect the students, but also the teaching staff: “If young children often create links from the first days, they will, for some, have to change that, which will shake them up a bit. They will also have to meet a new teacher, ”continues the representative.

This openness is also a headache for the establishment director. “We will have to find a teacher for this class, in a complicated context. We already know that we have other children who arrive a few weeks late, and they are not counted. Why not do a count in August to integrate summer registrations rather than June? It is far too early to decide, ”laments the representative of the FCPE.

Two other elementary classes were threatened with closure and were not saved. The representative is a little more understanding: “There was no influx in elementary school. We know that the context is difficult to find teachers and the Academy cannot maintain all classes. But we still hope that Louis Pasteur will be classified in REP to better cap our classes and ensure better education, ”she concludes.

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Melun. Relieved to avoid a class closure, they remain bitter about the organization