Miguel Ángel Liaño, the Luis Ponce school and José Ignacio Ruiz

It is one of the awards with the longest history in the town, the one that comes to recognize countrymen within the world of sports, associations, business, education, brotherhoods, image, culture, etc. They are the Golden Pumpkins that in this 2022 edition have had José Ignacio Ruiz-Herrera Puyana from Rota, the Luis Ponce de León public school and Miguel Ángel Liaño Pazos as protagonists. The three have collected this recognition surrounded by friends, family and members of the Peña Club Deportivo Rota, a supporters club that has been in charge of organizing these awards for 31 years.

The booth that this entity has in the fairgrounds has dressed up this Saturday afternoon for the delivery of some awards that its protagonists, in general terms, have collected proudly, somewhat nervously but above all, grateful. And the fact that a supporters club like CD Rota thinks of them as deserving of this distinction is already a prize in itself. This was expressed during an act that was held after sharing a meal attended by 200 diners and in which there was laughter, spontaneity, nerves and emotion.

Although the vast majority of attendees know the winners, the event began with the projection of videos on their respective careers and merits that made them the center of attention today.

[Img #179985]José Ignacio Ruiz-Herrera Puyana from Rota began a very complicated personal story, a campaign that he never thought would have such long ties. He did not know that the difficult moment in which his son Quique needed a kidney to improve his quality of life due to chronic kidney failure, would be the beginning of something that has ended up involving a large part of Rota’s society. As a father, on March 29, 2016, he entered the operating room to give his son a kidney, but bad luck caused him to reject it days later. That stick did not serve to sink them but to gain momentum and sought refuge in organ donation. Since then, José Ignacio Ruiz-Herrera has been the voice of all those patients who are on the waiting list for a life-saving organ to arrive. Although he sometimes jokes about having become a man stuck to a banner, the motto that appears on it, “Become a donor, give life”, has been penetrating in such a way that many Rota residents were not aware of the importance of donate organs, tissue, marrow or blood, and today they have internalized it. As José Ignacio Ruiz-Herrera himself said excitedly, in this story called life, everyone has an important role. His, without a doubt, has been that the awareness message is present in local businesses, vehicles, social, sports, cultural events and a long etcetera that he now wants to culminate by raising enough money so that these banners are fixed in prominent places such as schools. or sports halls. A perennial message in favor of life.

This roteño was moved when talking about donations, about the gratitude he feels when a family that loses a loved one donates their organs so that others can live, and about Rota, to whom he thanks so much love, today focused on a Golden Pumpkin that was pure solidarity. José Ignacio Ruiz-Herrera thanked many people, but above all, his family, with whom he shared this award, and especially, he dedicated it to her mother, absent on this day for having recently suffered a health problem. She was not physically there, but she was in the mind of the honoree and by phone in a brief message of love.

[Img #179990]The emotion of the moment gave witness to the Luis Ponce de León school, the next to receive its Golden Pumpkin from its director, Sara Ramírez, who was aware of reaping the fruit of 50 years of work in favor of public education. at this educational center in Rota. The Luis Ponce began its journey in the course of 1972, being only for girls, since the Pedro Antonio de Alarcón for boys was built next door. Together they are part of the educational history of Rota, where thousands of Roteños have passed, and for this reason, half of that pumpkin was also for them who celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. Luis Ponce de León has been one of the most active schools in activities outside school hours. Not surprisingly, it was, thanks to the AMPA, the first to go out in the Carnival Cavalcade, which would later be joined by the rest of the centers, reviving a procession that was almost dead.

[Img #179979]Education is a vocation, but as Sara Ramírez said, the life of a school is the contribution of many people, not only teachers and students, but also administration staff, janitor, fathers, mothers, AMPA, cleaning staff and collaborators and all of them , was dedicated this Golden Gourd that they were so grateful to the Peña CD Rota and the members who voted for him to be chosen in this 2022 edition. Together, with their small contribution, they have been carving out the mark of this educational center that is defined like a real team. A team for the good and the bad that today thanked the Luis Ponce educational community for the award and that its director, Sara Ramírez, shared and extended to all the schools that work every day to improve the education of students from Rota, understood not only as curricular training but to people with values ​​and above all, happy people.

[Img #179991]The last to collect his award was Miguel Ángel Liaño Pazos. A man from Rota who has carried the camera on his shoulder since 1989, recording practically all the events, political acts and outstanding moments in Rota. From his objective, he has seen a bit of everything, from the institutional, political, cultural and social life of the municipality with the inauguration of mayors, demonstrations or the first stones of important projects for the town, to personal moments of hundreds of Rota residents who they trusted him for weddings, baptisms and communions, which has allowed him to have one of the best newspaper archives in Rota.

Both in his involvement in the local media and individually, Miguel Liaño recognized that he is passionate about his work, which has allowed him to never have the feeling of never working, regardless of the hours and days worked, which have been many .

[Img #179996]With the Peña CD Rota he has been working for 26 years recording this act of Calabazas de Oro of which today he was a leading part. Spontaneous, happy and grateful, he has shown his gratitude to all the presidents of the entity who have trusted him, as well as television directors such as Antonio Ruiz-Berdejo or his friend Rafael Descalzo, with whom he began his career. Words of friendship and affection towards those who have marked his life plagued his speech, which he made laugh and go back a few years to those who have been involved in communication for a long time. A special nod to his friend Juna Montes and his family whom he always carries as a flag.

[Img #180006]The honorees received from the president of the supporters club, Joaquín Holgado, and members of the board, the prized gourd, a parchment and a souvenir pin. As a representative of the entity, he thanked everyone present and congratulated each of the winners this year, deserving of such public recognition on their own merits. In his intervention, he remembered the previous president, Francisco Peña Palomeque, whom he thanked for his work, and he did not forget all the members of the board of directors who give their time so that this rock continues to grow as it does.

Just released in office, Joaquín Holgado recalled as one of the most gratifying moments having called each of the winners to inform them of his choice, trusting that these awards continue adding editions and recognizing the good work of many Rota residents.

[Img #180005]Finally, the mayor of Rota, Javier Ruiz, highlighted the work of the Peña Club Deportivo Rota and the work that awards of this depth hide with so much tradition. As mayor, he congratulated the solidarity work of José Ignacio with a permanent campaign in favor of a message as powerful as the donation and thanks to which, he said, Rota has one of the roundabouts labeled with one of the most beautiful monuments in Rota. For Miguel Ángel Liaño, his recognition focused on the important task of the media, witnessing everything that happens in the town, also highlighting the helpful and committed attitude of the honoree. Along the same lines, he could not fail to highlight the educational work of Luis Ponce, acknowledging the supporters’ club for choosing to put a school at the center, which is so important in a society that wants to move forward.

The traditional family photo ended the act with which two locals and a school joined the list of Rota’s Golden Pumpkins.

Miguel Ángel Liaño, the Luis Ponce school and José Ignacio Ruiz-Herrera, are already Golden Pumpkins 2022