Monda parents request that a specific classroom be opened at the school

various families of Peel are requesting that a specific classroom is opened in the municipal school so that their children do not have to change schools next year. In the event that said classroom is not opened in Monda, the children will have to enroll in a school of Coin or Yunquera.

María Josefa Cobos and Ángel Estacio are the parents of Ángela, a 6 year old girl who has a severe developmental delay with ASD features. She goes to school every day accompanied by a shadow professor that their parents pay and “there are the hours stipulated by the school,” says the mother.

Currently, at the Remedios Rojo public school, the town collegethere are a professor of Therapeutic Pedagogy (PT) Y another of Hearing and Language (AL) for the entire school. The PT goes to the center three days a week and the AL two days.

Ángela is in the third year of Preschool, repeating the course, and they have confirmed to her parents that next year I would enter a type C classroom, that is, in a specific classroom. “We lived in Malaga, we came to Monda because it is where she has developed the most and now they want to send her to Coin, where we don’t know anyone and neither does she, it’s illogical,” says the little girl’s mother. Thus, she argues that They have been requesting the specific classroom for a year and “nobody listens to us”.

In the event that the specific classroom in Monda does not open, they would have to take the little to a school in Coinabout 15 minutes by car, or to Yunquera, around 40 minutes of bringing, from Monda. The solution they have been given in the event that this happens and they cannot take their daughter to school is “Put us on a transport with a monitor that takes it”but Cobos insists that “what we don’t want is for the girl to go to Coin.”

Ángela is used to a routine, to being with her friends and although “she doesn’t know how to play, her friends go with her and try to play with her, even if it’s only 20 minutes, but If we take her to a new school where she doesn’t know anyone, how will she integrate?”.

In this same situation is another family that also resides in the municipality and hopes that a specific classroom will be opened in the Monda school next year. Also, there was another family in this same situation, but has moved to Englandalthough, according to María Josefa, they are open to re-install in the municipality if the specific classroom is opened in the educational center.

For her part, the Territorial Delegation of Educational Development, Vocational Training, University, Research and Innovation in Malaga ensures that the student’s Psychopedagogical Evaluation Report establishes the necessary extraordinary permanence of the same in 5-year-old Infant. For the elaboration of this measure of attention to diversity, the authorization of the family is available at all times, as established in the protocol. Therefore, the review of the report will be carried out during this course in order to assess the possibility of changing the modality of schooling. If so, we would proceed to study the creation of a Specific Classroom in the area.

Monda parents request that a specific classroom be opened at the school