“My son cannot go from Sant Climent to his school in Viladecans with the T

My son cannot travel with his T-16 to his school in Viladecans“, says Nicholas Rekker, a resident of Sant Climent de Llobregat, who denounces the transport situation that occurs between his village and the city closest to the town. Both towns belong to the region of Baix Llobregat and they are separated just 4 km awayand there is only one bus that connects them: line 88.

The teenagers from Sant Climent are forced to travel to Viladecans because in their town there are no secondary schoolsand with the T-16 -free transport ticket for young people up to 16 years old- they cannot access the bus, since Sant Climent belongs to zone 2B and Viladecans to zone 1. All this, despite the fact that Sant Climent is within the metropolitan rate created in 2019which allows you to travel with a zone in the 36 municipalities of the Barcelona metropolitan area, but does not include the T-16 card.

Rekker feels that “it’s a a bit strange situation that affects all the young people of the town, if you are a young person living in Sant Climent de Llobregat, the T-16 Card does not allow you to leave the town”.

Alternative transportation to go to schools

In Viladecans, the public institute of reference, the Mastershand in hand with the Generalitat, offers public transport every day for the children of Sant Climent who go to that institute, but This is not the case of the other nine Compulsory Secondary Education centers in Viladecans.

Rekker insists that the Sant Climent zone should be changed to zone 1 “so that young people could go down on their own with the only bus in town to Viladecans, which is also where the ESO centers that they are touched by proximity criteria“.

It denounces that, to date, the responses of the Metropolità Transport Authority “They only serve to confirm the rules we already know.” The metropolitan administrative consortium insists that the T-16 was approved with “the political will to favor the use of public transport in their daily trips, such as going to school, doing extracurricular activities… but exclusively within the same fare zone in which they reside”.

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Rekker thinks that not a valid reason, since not all the children of Sant Climent can go to institutes in the same fare zone or access extracurricular activities, since these are offered in the city of Viladecans. “If there really is a political will on the part of the Board of directors of the ATM to favor daily trips, the children of Sant Climent should be allowed to use this bus line”, states the resident of Sant Climent de Llobregat.

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“My son cannot go from Sant Climent to his school in Viladecans with the T-16”