NÎMES At the Créajeux school, registrations are open for 2023

Registrations for the year 2023-2024 are open at the Creajeux school!

Creajeuxtrained since 2004 as a video game technician.

Based in Nîmes for more than 18 years, the school trains its students in their passions with the ambition to transmit and develop professions around video games.

With the aim of training its students as well as possible, the school has set up a practical part of their teaching in line with the projects.

In the real conditions of a studio, programmers and graphic designers are brought together to create several projects together throughout their course, and to put into practice the notions acquired during the modules.

The school is now recognized by industry professionals and major game studios.

Creative games • Creative games

The training courses offered:

Training exists to train and start a real professional career.

Several specialties are offered such as: gameplay programming, tools, networks, or 3D design, concept design, 3D animation and many more.

– Video game developer or programmer: this job consists of analyzing and creating events and interactions that form the game.

– Video game graphic designers: creation of characters and animations that will be used in games.

– the preparatory class: the preparatory video game is a general section in which students are introduced to graphic design and video game programming techniques in order to discover their professional profile.

These courses allow our students to subsequently join development studios such as: Ankama, DigixArt, Rockstar Games, Ubisoft, Ivory Tower, Shiro Games, Riot Games, etc.

– Short courses:

QA tester and Summer Camp

The validation of the 6-week Video Game Tester training requires the completion of an internship in a production studio.

Thus, this internship enriches the training and gives an opportunity to take your first steps in the professional world of video game production.

The Summer Camp is a one-week introduction to the world of video games, a discovery of the trades and stages of production of a game.

Open days and registration:

On site: Saturday December 10, January 14, February 25 and March 18 at our premises.

Live: on the school’s social networks (Facebook, Youtube and Twitch) on December 14, February 2 and April 12.

For more information on training, you can consult the website: www.creajeux.fr

Créajeux 1105 Av. Pierre Mendès France, 30000 Nîmes Telephone: 04 66 35 56 20

NÎMES At the Créajeux school, registrations are open for 2023