Ocampo College

A few years ago, a nice young woman in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, asked me where I had attended elementary school and I categorically answered that it was at the Ocampo College, in my beautiful southern town nestled in the mountains of the Sierra Madre Oriental.

This leads me to comment that what I rescued from the battered post-Ingrid Ocampo was an old graphic taken on Wednesday, November 20, 1974, at the Campo Deportivo 20 de Noviembre, by Foto Sociales del Castillo, which at that time, dispatched in the street PJ Méndez 105-1 of the municipal seat.

That date was memorable for all of us who appear in this photograph with sepia poster tones, since led by our director Yolanda Meléndez Velázquez, a group of boys and girls participated in various sports and recreational events.

The images are by Arturo Olguín, Roberto Sánchez Maldonado, Olimpo Báez Cedillo -the one who writes-, Víctor Vázquez Rodríguez, Juan Luis Trejo Sánchez, Juan Carlos León Montalvo, Juan Joel Pizaña Ávalos, Fernando Eligio Meléndez, David Salazar Montalvo and Francisco Fernández Domínguez .

In addition to Sergio Guerra Esquivel, Miguel Espinoza Castillo, Pedro Ariel Molina Maldonado, Miguel Ángel Uvalle and other children who escape the mind, however, in said acetate there are 2 girls, one is Cristina Molina Cardona, who carried the “Pennant of the Gazelles ” and the other little one is Griselda Márquez.

That cool morning was the perfect setting for us to have a lot of fun on the synthetic grass field, the first of its kind in Tamaulipas, from there the model was taken to the current Omnilife Stadium in Guadalajara, owned by Jorge Vergara’s pesky.

That time we played with great substance, hunger for triumph and heart, the final of the Children’s Soccer World Cup, for children under 13 years of age, and it was precisely that the Ocampo School represented the region with a combination of children from generations 73-79 and 74-80, who were already first and second grade students.

The ones who inspired us the most in such soccer matches were the pretty cheerleaders from the same litter, who, despite the intense cold and the long wait, held out until the semifinal that was defined in a thrilling penalty shootout, from which we emerged victorious.

I forgot to say that the whole of the Ocampo School, carried a banner of the Team of the Americas, that if I had known, I would not even go out on the field of play, but the goal was to win at any cost, for this we prepared ourselves and it should be noted that for that time The little school already had a babysitter -nanny service-.

That autumn witnessed a phenomenal victory, which we achieved from 11 goals to 10, in penalty kicks, something similar to what was done by the Mexican National Team, which in the Under-17 category, beat Argentina in the distant United Arab Emirates in 2013.

In one of the preliminary duels, our opponent was French Guiana, whom we beat with an open Total Soccer style of play, I mean that in the end the Dutch squad copied the recipe and the rival lost by using soccer as a strategy funnel, from the old Argentine coach Ángel Cappa.

Of the memorable moments, I remember when my friend Peri Molina, played with the strength of the Barca defender, Carles Puyol, like Fernando Eligio, that day he masterfully executed a penalty as if he were the Czech Panenka and a server flew under the goal defending the goal of the long-awaited Colegio Ocampo.

And what happened to these little ones, some are teachers, others are four-wheelers, there are those who left for the American Union to seek professional success. In short, what united us in those moments was the desire to go out with the glass held high, to fulfill our dreams as kids.

What barbarians! did they believe it? This is a note for “April Fool’s Day”, because such a “Colegio Ocampo” never existed, except for a Soccer World Championship with a state-of-the-art track, but what did remain in our hearts is this enviable photo, which brought us together to posterity 48 years ago at Cuauhtémoc Elementary.

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Ocampo College