Orihuela now begins the procedures for the new Virgen de la Puerta school

The Orihuela City Council has started the procedures to build a new building to house the CEIP Virgen de la Puerta, an announcement that was made last January. To this end, the Councilorship delegated by the Edificant Plan (Citizens) and the Education (PSOE) will take to Thursday’s plenary session the waiver of funds charged to the Edificant Plan to finance some repairs in the center. Specific, an investment of 266,617 euros was planned for the repair of the façade, the replacement of copings, painting, adaptation of sports courts and installation of external sanitation.

State of the sports court in the center TONY SEVILLA

However, given the general state of the school, it was agreed building a new onefor what is necessary give up previous project. In this way, once this resignation has been approved by the plenary, the municipal architects will draw up a project of the works to be carried out taking into account the needs of the educational community.

The councilors José Aix and María García inform the management of the center of the changes

Cambiemos has denounced that both the PP and the current Town Planning councilor, José Aix (Ciudadanos), “they deliberately delayed the remodeling of the Virgen de la Puerta for three years”. According to the municipal formation, the CEIP School Council approved requesting the replacement of the partial works with a new center in November 2019. The Ministry even expressed its support for that proposal on those same dates.

Later, in January 2020, the then Councilor for Education (Citizens) asked Contracting (PP) and Urban Planning (Cs) to start the procedures, but “nothing was done,” Cambiemos said. “It is insulting that José Aix, the current Town Planning councillor, sells this as an achievement when I should apologizesince Ciudadanos has paralyzed this work for three years”, said the mayor Carlos Bernabé, who also recalled that the orange formation has controlled Urbanism since 2019 and Education until last April, when the motion of censure was produced that gave step to a new government team, made up of PSOE and Cs.

In Bernabé’s opinion, “it is further proof that so much PP like Cs market at the expense of public educationespecially when it comes to one of the most precarious and abandoned centers in the municipality”.

Technical resources

In addition, Cambiemos has asked in the information commission prior to the plenary session about the processing and the assigned technical resources to the construction project of the educational center, without having obtained details from Aix, which, added Bernabé, “the only thing that Urbanism does is speed up modifications and planning permits to the taste of big promoters”.

Finally, Cambiemos has asked the Councilor for Education, María García (PSOE), to keep an eye on your government partnerwhich “has spent years, together with the PP, destroying public education in Orihuela.”

A credit supplement of 394,398 euros

The municipal government will take to the next plenary session the approval of a credit supplement of 394,398 euros to finance the 1.5 percent increase in the salaries of City Hall employees. The Councilor for Human Resources, Luisa Boné, explained that a royal decree was approved on October 18 establishing a salary increase for public employees with retroactive effect from January 1, 2022. Thus, once the plenary body agrees to approve the credit and publish it in the Official Gazette of the Province, it is expected that the adjustment will be paid in the payrolls for the month of January.

Orihuela now begins the procedures for the new Virgen de la Puerta school