Óscar Fernández León, new dean of the Seville Bar Association

There have been no surprises. Óscar Cisneros already has a substitute. Oscar Fernandez Leon will be the new dean of the Seville Bar Association after having overwhelmingly won Rosalía Pascua, Daniel Sánchez and Carlos Palomar in the elections this Thursday.

After half past ten at night, the first provisional result of the elections to elect the new dean and the governing board that will govern the collegiate corporation for the next four years, to which the almost eight thousand lawyers collegiate Although since the first of the polls was counted, the feeling inside the school was one of clear victory for Fernández León.

The polls have closed at half past seven after eight hours at the disposal of the lawyers with the right to vote. An hour later, after including the vote by mail (128 votes), the count began. The stake It has been 17.48 percent, far from the 27.26 percent of the 2018 elections (five points less than in 2014). Four years ago, a total of 2,150 lawyers voted, 2,024 of them practicing and 126 non-practicing.

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According to the latest data provided by the College, currently there are 6,367 practicing and 1,484 non-practicing. In total, this Thursday 1,372 members have voted, of the 1,301 are practicing (20.43%) and 71 non-practicing (4.78%). It must be taken into account that the votes of the practicing, who are a majority, are worth double, while those of the non-practicing are worth one.

Taking this circumstance and the first official data into account, Óscar Fernández León has had 924 ballots in his favorwhich means that 1,848 votes. Almost eighty percent of the votes. On the other hand, Rosalía Pascua has received 202 ballots and 404 votes. By far, Daniel Sánchez has obtained 72 votes, that is, 36 ballots. Finally, Carlos Palomar has obtained 40 votes, 20 ballots.

Daniel Sánchez, Rosalía Pascua, Óscar Fernández and Carlos Palomar, the four candidates this Thursday at the Bar Association

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These participation figures, far from those of 2018, were as expected in view of the trickle of members who have been approaching the headquarters of the Chapineros street of the capital during the eight hours in which the polls have been open. At half past ten in the morning the four candidates for dean voted.

“Thank you very much to the compañeros and compañeras who have accompanied us today with their votes. I also congratulate all the candidacies and the Bar Association for their effort throughout this process. I feel great joy as well as a desire to start working for the entire collective, guaranteeing the delivery, work and responsibility of my candidacy in the coming years”, were the first words of the dean-elect, after knowing the results, to this newspaper.

After Óscar Cisneros’s announcement of not running for re-election, The race was on to find his successor. Óscar Fernández León, deputy by training in this mandate that is about to expire, took a step forward and announced his intention to aspire to the Deanship. His candidacy could be classified as continuation, not in vain twelve of his colleagues (including him) are part of the Cisneros board.

The names of Rosalía Pascua, Carlos Palomar and Daniel Sánchez joined the race to be dean of lawyers in Seville. Although these two have done it individually, while Pascua and Fernández have attended with a complete list. In addition, Jessel A. Contreras registered his candidacy for Vice Dean.

Your team, the next meeting

Óscar Fernández León will be accompanied by José Manuel Sánchez Carrillo as Associate Dean. The second deputy will be Juan Piñeyro Pueyo. They will repeat as treasurer, librarian and secretary Deborah Delmás, Martina Mastrantoni and Eloísa Pérez de Andrés. The next governing board It will be completed by Eva María Luna Macías (member 3), Jorge Aguado de los Reyes (member 4), María Jesús Gimeno Puche (member 5), Blanco Rodríguez-Piñero (member 6), Juan Calle Martín (member 7), María del Mar Hermano Rivera (deputy 8), Manuel Aguilar Romero (deputy 9), Ana Carrasco Martínez (deputy 10), María José Casero Garfia (deputy 11), Alberto Pérez-Miranda Castillo (deputy 12), Estefanía Portillo Cabrera (deputy 13) and Luis Aparicio Díaz (deputy 14).

Fernández León, in the coming weeks, will assume the position of dean of the fourth bar association in Spain. In an interview with ABC on the occasion of these elections, the dean-elect valued the experience of his team and announced that his main purpose: to bring the school to each office, beyond the Chapineros street headquarters. In this sense, he admitted that the dean cannot visit his colleagues from judicial parties only during the campaign: «We cannot disappoint them. You have to listen and be proactive.”

Their workplan for the next four years it is marked by training, deontology and the dignity of the profession, the office shift and equality and conciliation. Do you want to promote a Mental Health commission for Lawyers or work on the best mobility possible for the next City of Justice

Fernández León is also aware that transformation and modernization from school is key. The process has begun, but it must be concluded and “little remains.”

Óscar Fernández León, new dean of the Seville Bar Association