Perpignan: a third of the teachers absent this Tuesday at the Jean

This Tuesday, November 22 in the morning, nine teachers were missing out of 24 classes. Enough to bring out of their hinges the mothers of students who have been fighting since the start of the school year to obtain reinforcements.

There is no respect for the future of our children!“, launches Houda Jawhar. With several other mothers delegated to parents of students at the Jean-Jaurès school, located in the heart of Vernet-Salanque, the mother of the family can no longer not be heard. This Tuesday morning , they discovered with amazement that the list of absent and non-replaced teachers had grown even longer in the two schools, primary and nursery, of the school group placed in Rep +, a reinforced priority education network. they are mobilizing to try to stem the bleeding.”From mid-September, we started to have absent teachers who were not replaced, she continues, we tried to sort it out ourselves; but that does nothing. Parents complain about the director, but he can’t get replacements out of his pocket!”

Today, a third of school children must stay at home

The mothers, who each have between 2 and 4 children whose schooling is thus dotted, have called the academy inspection on several occasions since October. “The only answer I’m given is that we’re going higher“, is in despair Leïla Belkaid. Far from giving up, they sent to the same services, at the beginning of the month, a registered letter expressing their distress in the face of a situation of chronic shortage of teachers and above all their concern for the future of their children. They are waiting for an answer. Some, in CP class, only have a replacement in the morning and are dispatched to other classes in the afternoon. “We know he will be out at least until January. In the meantime, the little ones are lost because each teacher has his methods”, worries Fadoua Kippo. “Today, a third of Jean-Jaurès’ children must stay at home. We don’t mind babysitting our kids, but they need school, points Najette Timsal again, you can’t replace the mistress!”

This Tuesday, a substitute who had been assigned to Jean-Jaurès was even moved for the needs of another school. “It’s not the first year that we’ve suffered these absences, but it’s getting worse and worse, when we’re supposed to be in a priority zone, mothers are alarmed, helpless. We went to classes of 12 students, okay, but without a teacher! We would much rather go back to 18, but with a teacher present. It is totally absurd.

“We record alerts of this type throughout the department”

For the Union of Teachers-UNSA, the situation of the lack of primary school teachers is alarming. “For the past two weeks, we have been recording teacher alerts in all of the Pyrénées-Orientales“, notes the departmental secretary Nadia Alram. More worrying, she notes: “The academic inspection, by emails, phone calls or oral instructions warns that on planned absences, it is not at all sure to replace, or even we know that it will not be possible, we are asked to organize ourselves internally .“But the trade unionist is indignant:”It is not up to teachers to compensate for institutional failings. We are asked to welcome the children, and therefore to do daycare, to the detriment of everyone, students and teachers whose workload is increasing when many are already thinking of resigning. If the ministry is where it is today, it’s their fault.” The SE-UNSA, while denying that it wants to put families in difficulty, instructed its members to ask parents who do not work not to send their children to school when there is no no teacher. She supports their fight, especially since, augurs Nadia Alram, “this is only the beginning, the period of viruses is just beginning.”

Perpignan: a third of the teachers absent this Tuesday at the Jean-Jaurès school, “We want replacements”, claim the parents of pupils