Perpignan: teachers not replaced at the Jean

Questioned following the mobilization of several parents of pupils exasperated by the frequent absences of teachers and not replaced for the most part, the departmental directorate of National Education said that it was trying to strengthen the replacements in this sector of northern Perpignan.

One teacher in three was missing on Tuesday, November 22 in the two schools of the Jean-Jaurès school group, in Vernet-Salanque. General fed up on the side of parents of kindergarten and primary students as they try by all means to claim reinforcements since the beginning of October. Phone calls and mail covered with signatures from parents of students had yielded nothing until this appeal launched in the columns of the Independent this Wednesday morning 23. “A meeting proposal was made to them today.“, assures the secretary general of the Directorate of Departmental Services of National Education at the lunch break. Indeed, at least one of the mothers who mobilized the day before in front of the school should meet the district inspector as soon as this Thursday. In the end, the appointment fell so quickly – in a way – that the mothers had to improvise an organization. Not so simple since many of them, precisely, cannot put a certain number of their children in the classroom, for lack of teachers. But the motivation is there.”A meeting is good, but we need solutions!“, already warns one of them.

The supply of replacements corresponds to our needs

Not so sure, because we feel a slight hesitation in the voice of Secretary General Henri Cau. If he admits that the situation on Jean-Jaurès is hardly satisfactory, with an unusual peak on this establishment, he promises lip service to “try to reinforce the substitutes“, in a constituency where the situation is “special”. We understand that three replacements could be mobilized, but for the whole sector, i.e. an area equivalent to 1/8th of the department. For the rest, “We will see from day to day until the situation is regulated. The Secretary General ensures that the DSDEN teams are “working on the halftime issue“of a long-term replacement in a CP class. Every afternoon, the children are divided into the other classes of the establishment, which is nevertheless classified as Rep+. He is finally counting on the return to class this Thursday morning three others of the 8 professors on “short-term” work stoppage.

For the rest, while the unions denounce a cruel lack of replacements in the department, Henri Cau is calm: “We have approximately 150 positions (in full-time equivalent, Ed.) for P.-O. This figure is stable. We are on a classic absenteeism, with no particular peak for the season. It is a long-standing debate with the unions that the question of staffing and with the opening of an electoral period, we see rising demands. But the supply of substitutes corresponds to our needs.”

Perpignan: teachers not replaced at the Jean-Jaurès school, “We are monitoring the situation closely”