Plastic Free at the Fraccon school: 47 super hero students for the planet

A superhero certificate to save the planet. This is the result obtained by the 47 pupils of the Fraccon primary school, of the comprehensive institute 10, after the meeting that took place this morning with Plastic Free. The initiative, promoted by the local representative of the association Roberto Longo, was also attended by the councilor for education Cristina Tolio, the councilor for the environment Simona Siotto and the director of the comprehensive school 10 Chiara Poretti.

The awareness meeting took place in the great hall of the Calderari secondary school with a fourth and fifth class from the Fraccon primary school and three teachers. Objective of the project: to make young students understand the consequences of pollution caused by plastic and to start a process of transforming the school into a plastic-free place.

“An applause to the school – says the councilor for education Christine Tolio – for having joined and hosted the initiative which saw the fourth and fifth classes of the Fraccon primary school participate with great enthusiasm in a lesson on plastic pollution. These are awareness-raising meetings welcomed with great interest by teachers and designed to prepare children for correct behavior which can also be an example for everyone and which will do good for our cities and the planet in general”.

“The meeting at the Fraccon school – continues the councilor for the environment Simona Siotto – is one of the initiatives envisaged by the memorandum of understanding signed by the Municipality and by the association aimed at the fight against plastic and its abandonment. The neighborhood cleaning appointments organized by Plastic Free, which are always well attended, are not enough. Talking to the little ones and teaching them respect for the environment is in fact essential for developing the civic sense necessary to have future citizens who are attentive to the common good and the territory in which they live”.

With a presentation and the viewing of a film, Roberto Longo spoke of the importance of taking care of the planet by not polluting, of differentiated collection, of abandoning waste, of single-use plastic and of alternative choices to its use. At the end, all the students were awarded the role of super hero of the planet thanks to a certificate signed by the founder and president of Plastic Free Luca De Gaetano.

“The comprehensive institute 10 of Vicenza – comments the manager Chiara Poretti – today welcomed the councilors for the environment and culture Simona Siotto and for education Cristina Tolio, on the occasion of the Plastic Free project, promoted by Roberto Longo, which involved the 4A and 5A classes of the “T. e F. Fraccon” primary school, a project that is part of a series of activities and initiatives aimed at acquiring social and civic skills connected in particular with respect for the environment and the value of reuse and recycling, in order to form citizens aware of the fragility of the world in which we live”.

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Plastic Free at the Fraccon school: 47 super hero students for the planet