Ploermel. The new Noé Verte school explained to citizens

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Posted on September 16, 2022

The elected officials of Ploërmel had positioned themselves in 2016 for the construction of a new school group, in order to bring together the 2 public schools: the Françoise Dolto nursery school and the Jules Verne elementary school. “The construction of the buildings of the 2 schools dated from the 1970s. Having become aging, enormous restoration work, at the cost of large envelopes, proved necessary. In 2019, we made our choice of project manager, the firm Nomade de Vannes”, summarizes Patrick Le Diffon, mayor of Ploërmel and president of Ploërmel Community, in front of the public who came to listen to him, this Thursday, September 15 at the hall festivals.

Ploermelais (es), parents of students, director and teachers have indeed been invited to a public meeting. Welcomed by the first deputy Maurice Olivier, in charge of education and youth and in the presence of Julie Planchon and Vincent Le Garrec, the representatives of the architectural firm Nomade, the objective was to present the new school, located ZAC of the Noë Verte, to the inhabitants of the commune, curious to know the progress of the work!

“This school will be the school of those who attend it, and not the school of the municipality! Moreover, everything that concerns her is decided together around round tables. It’s a joint effort: parents of students, teaching teams, service, extracurricular and daycare staff and elected officials all have a right to look, as was done for school lessons!” , emphasizes Maurice Olivier.

Work began just a year ago with the earthworks, the crane was erected in November and the first bale of straw laid on February 2. Work is progressing according to the previously established schedule. Unless unforeseen, its opening is still scheduled for the next school year in September 2023.

The building is single storey. The architects, who offered a virtual visit to the participants thanks to a slide show, explained that they encountered some difficulties with the surface of the sloping ground. They made sure to compensate for the slope part. A sidewalk was made at the north corner of the building. Access to the technical room is semi-underground. The school is built on a single concrete base, with a walkway and access ramp. Its frame is in wood, its insulation in straw, the plaster will be with lime and its green roof in part, for its waterproofing.

Currently, the exterior and interior wooden partitions are being installed. There remains the partitioning of the Placoplâtre toilets, which will be done last when the roof is laid. “The roof is currently being manufactured in the workshop, at Belliard Construction in Gorron (53). After the gluing this week, and the construction of the supports for the following 3 weeks, the laying of the roof should begin in mid-October!”. Once the roof is in place, several trades can work together: waterproofing, exterior then interior joinery, electricity, plumbing, etc.

The future school group will consist of 3 poles: kindergarten, elementary and catering. The establishment will accommodate 7 classes, but only 4 will be occupied at the first start of the school year. The rooms will benefit from beautiful surfaces: 65 M2 for the elementary classes and between 2 classes will be, each time, a workshop. The rooms for kindergarten classes will be 75 m2, and will benefit from a space for games and entertainment. A motor skills room is also planned, with storage space. It could be used by possible associations, because the school is a neighborhood school, surrounded by 300 housing units with a population that needs to come together. Finally, a mobile classroom equipped with 12 computers will be provided by Ploërmel Communauté…

The total cost of building the new school is 5,450,000 euros. 2 subsidies are granted: 411,500 euros by the State and 225,000 euros by the Department of Morbihan.

What name for this new school?

Families will receive a sheet next week to participate in a survey. They will propose names for this new school group. “The survey is expected to return by the end of October. The Education Commission will then meet to sort out a first selection. Next March, the City Council will meet to validate the name of the school of the ZAC de la Noé Verte”, concludes the first deputy at the end of the meeting…

Explanatory panels have been installed at the entrances of the 2 public schools: Françoise Dolto nursery school and Jules Verne school, in order to communicate to families the elements and characteristics of this new school…

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