Potries will double the size of his school thanks to the Edificant

The Pla Edificant will allow a physical change and also a conceptual change in the classrooms of the CRA Montdúver located in the town of pories. The city council is about to receive the delegation of powers from the Generalitat to process a project that will involve an investment of almost one million euros and will allow practically double the surface of the educational enclosure. Not in vain, the current center has an area of ​​1,876 square meters and the plot where the extension will be built, ceded by the city council, has 1,860.

It is a piece of land that the local administration acquired as property at the end of 2020 in an operation for which did not have to disburse any of the 100,000 euros of its valuesince it served to settle the large debt that the owner company, a former rajolar, had with the town hall for non-payment of municipal taxes. The plot is classified urbanistically as dotational, so it is ready to host an educational center without having to make any modifications. The work, in addition, will allow to finish with a space of the locality It is very degraded by abandonment..

This operation has been crucial so that the town can have a much larger, more comfortable school in the coming years and which will also serve to give students the opportunity to acquire other types of social values ​​that will be developed, among others, in the co-educational patio that will be adapted to the new land. Is about the most important investment of history in the municipality of Potries as far as educational infrastructures are concerned, as highlighted by the town hall itself.

Free spaces for other uses

At the moment, only the preliminary project is known, which contemplates the construction of new classrooms for the children’s level and a gym, in addition to the new space for the leisure of girls and boys. This work will free up the classrooms currently occupied by students from 3 to 5 years old for other uses such as the library, art classroom or the activities that they consider from the center’s cloister, as explained to Raise-EMV the mayor, Assumpta Domínguez.

Once the local administration receives the competencies, the process for drafting the project will begin, which means that the start of the work is not imminent but, at least, it is already underway.

The city council acquired the plot in exchange for settling the company’s debt for non-payment of municipal taxes

The municipality especially highlights the creation of this co-educational playground, a space that has been designed based on the experience of its users, that is, the center’s students, through through a participatory process carried out by the faculty of professors and professors.

“Boys and girls ask us for spaces that promote tranquility and intimacy, where the activities that take place have a leisurely pace,” says Domínguez. In addition, from participatory work a preference for spaces that encourage experimentation and contact with nature is also extracted.tro for movement and experimentation beyond a football field“where you can run, dance, hide,” says the mayor of Potries.

The Montdúver de Potries school welcomes 60 boys and girls, both from the town itself and from others, since, as Domínguez herself points out, “there are more and more people who come from other towns in La Safor because they value the pedagogical project that offers thanks to the enormous work carried out by nursery school teachers”.

Visit of former minister Vicent Marzà to the Potries school in July 2021 Raise-EMV

75 million of the Edificant in the region

This investment of almost one million euros is included in the expansion of the Pla Edificant approved by the Generalitat last July and which, in the Safor region, translates into at least 23.5 million euros, which will reach centers of Tavernes, Ròtova, Oliva, Simat, Beniarjó, Barx, Xeresa and Villalonga. The region has already committed at least 75 million euros to Edificant, including projects that have already been completed, are underway and have assigned powers.

Potries will double the size of his school thanks to the Edificant