Reducing the number of pupils and hiring teachers and school collaborators, on this the PNRR has failed

The birth rate was used by the former Minister Bianchi in order not to modify in the 2022 Budget Law the structure with which classes and staff have been formed for years in schools of all levels, the rule introduced by the former Minister Maria Stella Gelmini.

With Covid first and then with PNRR, the opportunity was not taken to achieve the decrease in the number of pupils in the classes which is the only structural response aimed at both a quality educational offer and the fight against early school leaving. explicit and implicit, two failed objectives in the PNRR by the Draghi government which only thought of wasting resources with bizarre competitions, with the Higher Education School for State boyars, with compulsory and incentivized teacher training for 40%, with the teacher expert and career and with the one-off distribution of funds in schools at risk of dropping out, not considering that all 8000 Italian rebus sic stantibus schools are at risk of dropping out at least the implicit one, leaving school without any knowledge.
The objectives were sensationally missed but another objective was missed. That of the recruitment of teaching staff who today have between 35 and 45 years and service experience placed in various types of rankings.

In 5 years 250,000 teachers will retire and 500,000 in the next 10 years and with the competitions provided for in the secondary by the PNRR (DL 36) we will not be able to replace them, not only, the complex and bureaucratized teaching profession, socially not recognized, for some verses also dangerous and above all underpaid will be deserted by the new generations, moreover the flow of teachers from the South of the country to the Center, the North East and the North West, will stop, in part the phenomenon is already underway, because no one is willing to work in a semi-poverty situation due to having to bear costs for accommodation, food and utilities and because in the South there will soon be vacant places due to turnover, as older teachers close to retirement are concentrated there.

Then in 15 years the Italian population will shrink as the latest demographic studies tell us by 30% and some jobs including that of the teacher we will not be able to find them among the Italian population. This is why it is immediately necessary to ensure a stabilization of teachers between the ages of 35 and 45 who will still be in service in 15 years.
Still in the PNRR, in a myopic way, there was no focus on a transitory phase that would take all of this into account. It should be done immediately as early as 23/24, the appeal goes to the Government, to Minister Valditara, to the parties of the majority Coalition but also to the opposition parties and all the trade unions, otherwise in a few years we will have to turn to university students or young graduates who will see teaching only as a temporary working moment and then move on to a more remunerative job.

In the last few decades we have made wrong policies inspired by the reduction of expenditure or reforms with no change in expenditure, so in contrast with the other countries, we have made the teacher’s stabilization process long and complex, focusing on the compression of wages and on the inequality between demand and supply, now this system is in crisis and policies must be reversed. This is the challenge we are launching the new government as SBC.
Last but not least, it is necessary to immediately focus on the stable recruitment of non-teaching staff, in particular the school system urgently needs school collaborators, it is necessary to change the criteria used to define their staff, the lack of staff Covid has brought out a dramatic problem in schools that is not felt only by those who do not know the real school, that is, by those who do not govern it.

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Reducing the number of pupils and hiring teachers and school collaborators, on this the PNRR has failed