Reggio Calabria, the “Falcomatà

AND’ Peter D’Agostinostudent of class II E of the lower secondary school of the “Pirandello” complex, the new one baby-Mayor of the comprehensive school “Falcomata-Archi” for the three-year period 2022/2025 which, with 91 votes, prevailed over eleven other candidates. At the end of the voting operations, the teachers of the Citizenship Area of ​​the “Falcomatà-Archi” Comprehensive Institute, directed by the Headmaster Serafina Corrado, communicated it. The advisory body of the Children’s Municipal Council, established in 2012 in the “Falcomatà-Archi” School, aims to promote the participation of adolescents in the life of the local community, to educate children to an active and aware citizenship and to develop a sense of belonging to your own country. “Through this institute – explains the Headmaster Serafina Corrado – the school intends not only to encourage the participation of our students in the collective life of the community, but also to dialogue with local administrators to offer children the opportunity to get to know the municipal machine, the territory in which they live and develop a sense of belonging to it . With this body we intend to make the boys protagonists of the democratic life of the territory, through the involvement in the choices that concern them also with the possible participation in meetings of the City Council.

The electoral campaign period, which began in October, was followed and monitored by the teachers of the Citizenship Area with the active collaboration of all the teachers of the Scholastic Institute. In the preliminary phase various activities were organised, including lessons in civic education on local authorities, debates, preparation of slogans and programmes; the preparatory phase was concluded by a meeting with the candidates for baby-Mayor, during which each aspirant presented their program on topics concerning School, Environment, Sport, Solidarity, Legality and respect for the artistic and cultural heritage.

The voting operations took place on the morning of 18 November 2022 and were coordinated by the teachers of the Citizenship Commission: Giovanna Calarco, Titty Iannò, Enza Saffioti. A polling station was set up in each complex which, as required by the Regulations of the JRC, consisted of a president and a secretary under the supervision of a teacher. The new baby mayor presented a program that ranges between ecology, solidarity, school and legality. The inauguration ceremony of the new Municipal Council of the boys of the “Falcomatà-Archi” Comprehensive Institute will take place next week. The next step will be the appointment of the boys’ municipal council, made up of four councilors, the mayor, the vice mayor and the president of the boys’ municipal council.

The new CCR of the IC “Falcomatà-Archi”, in office for the next three years, is made up of the baby-Mayor Pietro D’Agostino, the Deputy Mayor Chiara Vizzari and twenty councilors: Elisa Cilione, Silvia Vatore, Luca Modafferi, Giulia Ollio, Sofia Suraci, Sandra Gatto, Chiara Vazzana, Marika Delfino, Antonino Mazzacua, Luca Mafrica, Lorenzo Loschiavo, Giulio Rizzo Medici, Ludovica Corrado, Paolo Laganà, Angelo Sartiano, Eva Fazzari, Emanuele Minutolo, Luca Delfino, Domenico Navia, Gaia Palumbo. The Headmaster Serafina Corrado expresses great satisfaction with the activity carried out so far. So, best wishes to the baby mayor and his junta so that they are able to live a concrete educational experience.

Reggio Calabria, the “Falcomatà-Archi” school has a new “baby-mayor”: it is Pietro D’Agostino