Registrations are still open at the Marie Curie School: “We enroll families”

A few meters from the Children’s Republic, at 504 between Camino Belgrano and 23, will open the Marie Curie Collegethe institution that arrives in the city with the proposal of a 360° education that focuses on the student and where technology is conceived as a “transversal” element in education.

The school already has its registrations open for 2023. “We are enrolling for next year for all the years of primary school and 1st, 2nd, 3rd of secondary”explained claudia oterothe director of the institution in dialogue with; who also clarified: “We do not enroll students, we enroll families.”

The institution will offer a teaching system aimed at the personal development of each of the students, with clear pedagogical objectives that develop essential skills and competencies to live and work in changing environments.

Rosario Portothe secretary of the institution, remarked: “First the name identifies us. Having the name of a woman (Marie Curie was a famous Polish physicist and chemist nationalized French) for the city is something new. We believe that there is an imprint that we want to highlight from the values ​​​​that he carried forward and how he played it for what he did “.

“At the educational level, we believe that there must be a certain well-being for things to happen. It has to be internal and external: in the infrastructure, in the technological resources, in the robotics or English proposal, with a view from the where a student spends twelve years in a school and can, for example, have the traveler’s English, carry out a job interview, read a paper about what they are studying or even watch a series without subtitles,” explained the secretary.

In this sense, he stressed that the student has to leave school with “the basics so that if you want to continue you can, but that you have all those tools that have to do with communication and with these skills that can be developed within a school”. “The boys have to know what they want to be prepared for and what they want to do”he added.

With capacity for more than 350 students, 12 courses between primary and secondary and more than 6 classrooms where children and young people can develop with an innovative method, The Marie Curie School breaks away from traditional education and arrives in the city with the Active Learning certification.

In this regard, the director explained what this means for the institution: “We have the advice and support of a group of professionals from different areas of educational management, from infrastructure to pedagogical advice. In addition, they accompany us in innovation and quality monitoring, to guarantee that we are always looking for the best for students and their families”.


The premises of well-being and good coexistence are the axis of the school’s education: “How that student arrives to class is key, but also how that teacher arrives. For us, the institutional climate is an inalienable value. If that doesn’t happen, other things won’t happen, there won’t be any learning.”

Regarding technology, the authorities of the institution indicated that it is “transverse at all” and that “The computer always has to be next to the pen and notebook.” “We have passed from the computer room where we moved to learn something else. Today that has to be in the classroom and it is one more work tool,” they pointed out.


Also, the school has a program of technological literacy, robotics and programming, with which students go from users to creators of technology, incorporating content and ways of thinking and working typical of the STEAM approach (STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). “Everything is invented in education, you just have to do it right,” closed the director.

Registration is still open and those who wish to have more information can find it at or request it through WhatsApp 221 308-8278.

Registrations are still open at the Marie Curie School: “We enroll families”