Remodeling works in four public schools in Valencia taking advantage of Christmas

The Valencia City Council, through the Department of Resource Managementwill perform improvement works in 4 public schools taking advantage of the holidays Christmas. The budget for these works is €129,146. Specifically, it will act in the San Fernando schools in the Benimaclet neighborhood; CEIP Manuel Gonzalez Martí, in Benifaraig; Lluís de Santàngel, in El Saler, and in the CEIP in Pinedo. The Councilor for Resource Management Lluïsa Notary has pointed out that “Joan Ribó’s government has made a firm commitment to dignifying our city’s public educational infrastructures from the first minute and now “we are taking advantage of Christmas, as we did in summer, to carry out other improvement works that were necessary”

These works are added to those already carried out at the CEIP Rodríguez Fornos, in the scotch de Pinedo and in the CEIP Blasco Ibáñez and Camí de l’horta.

concrete works

In it CEIP San Fernando The wall of the school façade is being repaired and dried out due to moisture problems due to capillarity of the ground that generate deterioration in the rendering of the façades and in their paint, as well as the outcropping of humidity inside the school itself. center. The works consist of pealing the mortar and the deteriorated plates of the façade to make a new rendering and the installation of a drying system with ceramic pieces of a special composition, which act as a cathode in the wall, favoring the escape of moisture to the outside environment. The work has an estimated execution period of a month and a half.

As for the CEIP Manuel González Martí Painting work is being carried out on the exterior facades of the different building blocks that make up the public school, including the enameling of the windows and part of the exterior wall. The works will be in a month.

Sports facilities

In the Lluís de Santàngel Schools Y Pinedo The works focus on improving sports facilities. Specifically, repair work is being carried out on the gym floor, with the removal of the current floor covering, the leveling of the floor and the installation of a waterproofing sheet and a new PVC coating, since as a result of use and humidity , the pavement had been pumped and its replacement was necessary for the correct development of the sporting activity. In this case, the works will also be completed in a month.

Notario has highlighted that “since we are governing, year after year, we have increased the budget allocated to both ordinary maintenance and improvements to influence the dignification of the educational infrastructures of Valencia, and we do the same with the budget dedicated to cleaning of the schools. For us, quality public education is not a slogan, it is an inalienable objective. We believe that public schools are the best option for families in Valencia, for which we work tirelessly”, he adds.

Remodeling works in four public schools in Valencia taking advantage of Christmas