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With the return to school, the fear of that of the Covid necessarily arises in the heads of parents of students as well as teachers. Even if experience shows, the epidemic is less feared than in the past.

“With us, it’s fine, we don’t deplore any case for the moment”, begins Sandra *, school director (nursery + elementary) on the outskirts of Toulouse. But the teacher remains – very – suspicious: “We knock on wood, because at the neighboring school, I know that there are about twenty cases among children, and four among adults”. In general, “we hear around us that the virus is coming back, we hope that we will continue to be spared”, continues a teacher from the same establishment while crossing her fingers.

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The fear is to fall back into a configuration where cases multiply out of control, to the point of making the ministry consider moving to the higher levels of the Covid protocol. “There, we are at the base level, that is to say no restrictions, simple hand washing and ventilation of living spaces”, lists the director. But the time when mixing had to be limited (from level 2 out of 3 of the protocol, editor’s note) is not that far away. And no one wants to go back.

The vaccination ? Not currently considered

At present, if a child has symptoms, it is obviously recommended that they be tested. And if the test is positive, the establishment must be informed, so that the other children in the class can be tested. “They have 48 hours to do it normally, and if the test is negative, they can continue to come to class. But technically, I have no way of knowing if the test has really been carried out, agrees the teacher. I asked the parents last year for a sworn statement that the test had been done, but I have no illusions, this was not always the case.

Amandine, mother of a little boy schooled in Muret, is one of the unlucky ones at the start of the school year. The whole family tested positive two weeks ago. “It started with the dad. At first, our son was not positive, but I no longer even knew what was recommended for him as a contact case”, says the mother of the family. The rules are quickly forgotten, especially when they have been constantly changing over the past two years. “Technically, he could have continued going to school, but anyway the matter was quickly resolved: he too was positive the next day”.

Accurate evolution of the incidence rate in a week ud83dudc47

0-9 years: +122%
10-19 years: +112%
20-29 years old: +21%
30-39 years: +43%
40-49 years old: +32%
50-59 years: +17%
60-69 years: +10%
70-79 years: +6%
80-89 years: -1%
90 years and over: -1%

all ages: +37%


— Nicolas Berrod (@nicolasberrod) September 17, 2022

When asked if she was considering vaccination for her 6-year-old boy to avoid further mishaps, the 30-year-old replied in the negative. “He only had some sort of cold in the end. We’re all for the vaccination as far as we’re concerned, but until the health authorities explicitly recommend doing it for children his age, we won’t do it. .”

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An opinion shared by the vast majority of parents, according to Sandra: “We can clearly see at our level that even by taking all possible precautions and being vaccinated, we manage to catch the virus. So parents, noting that children almost never have a serious form, do not see the interest of vaccination for them. Anyway for now.

*Name has been changed

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