Rodez. The Edwina dance school on the roof of Europe

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The representatives of the Espace Création Danse-Edwina Costecalde in Rodez all came back with medals, some of them with gold, from the international competition organized in Belgium and Luxembourg between the end of October and the beginning of November. A great performance!

Edwina Costecalde’s ECD (Espace de création danse) won a veritable harvest of medals during the international competition of the CND (National Dance Confederation) organized in Belgium at the Nivelle theater from October 22 to 23 and at Luxembourg theater from November 5 to 6.

In competition against Israel, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Luxembourg, Ukraine and Portugal, the six representatives of the dance school, made up of three boys engaged in solo and three groups, have all obtained a medal, including some of the most precious of metals.

In the 8-10 years old category, Enael Rigal and Lucas Baidal were both crowned European champions in preparatory jazz.

Among the 14-17 year olds, Loann Pezet gets silver in jazz. The jazz group in pre-professional category level 3 is crowned European champion with its painting entitled “L’Absent”. The contemporary group, pre-professional category level 2, ranks second with its choreography “Meute”. Same result for the Jazz preparatory group (8-10 years old) who presented a choreography called “La Photo de Classe”. In 2021, the ECD had sent “a duet and a solo with a key title in jazz”.

“An Extraordinary Adventure”

For Edwina Costecalde, these unprecedented results generate an “incredible feeling. It’s wonderful. It was an extraordinary adventure with memories that will remain etched forever for these young Ruthenians”. Results that were “well celebrated. We had our heads in the stars and now we find our feet on the ground and we get back to work” tempers the manager of the dance creation space. The latter believes that these competitions allow students “to challenge themselves, to put into practice what they learn in the classroom, to grow and learn about who they are. It’s also a way to know their limits”.

The students who took part in this competition “follow at least three hours of lessons a week and others do sport-study so all that can give rise to vocations”, details the dance teacher who in 14 years of career has trained ” more than a dozen students who have become artists, dancers or teachers”.

She believes that at the local level, “Rodez is full of dance talent”, quoting the rapper Lombre who, for several years, danced at the ECD.

Recipe for success

To explain these “exceptional” results, Edwina Costecalde “thinks that the proposal must be technical, committed and creative. It is the fruit of work that takes place with great demand and kindness”. And to add that it is the “alloy” between all the parameters listed above in addition to “work and passion that creates a bond of trust between young people and me”. She also underlines “the work of parents who follow and make concessions”. Surrounded by a classical dance teacher and theater teacher Olivier Royer, the dance teacher believes that these results “reward teamwork”.

The fifth edition of this international competition will take place in Spain, during the All Saints holidays 2023. “But we are starting from scratch with the same team as this year” announces Edwina Costecalde. Despite these good results, the dance teacher recalls that must “remain humble in relation to all this. Today’s victory is not necessarily tomorrow’s”.

Beyond the successes, she believes that “the victory is to see the students grow, make their way and become savvy artists once they leave school. I would feel like I had do my job.” And to remember, like a mantra, that his job “is to have his head in the stars but above all to stay down to earth”.

Rodez. The Edwina dance school on the roof of Europe