This return was the first as director for Stéphanie Brie. Full-time in the management position, she welcomed 321 students in kindergarten and elementary to Saint Lucia school groupwith a team of sixteen teachers and five Atsem.

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Two sports speakers, municipal staff, are also present throughout the year to supervise the sessions from the large section. “We now have 14 classes and have been able, as required by a national directive, to split cycle 2. We therefore have two CPs with 19 students, which facilitates learning, in particular reading. The kindergarten classes are, on the other hand, more loaded”she explains.

This new class had been desired for two years “Essentially because of demographic change. The increase in the population, the number of building permits and the number of children enrolled in crèches have naturally led us to request the competent services with a view to anticipating the best possible reception students this year and in the following academic years.

The Insee census which will take place in the coming months will also give us indications as to the relevance of asking for a new opening of class, or even of separating kindergarten from elementary school in some time, but we are not there yet.underlines Lisa Bartoli, assistant in charge of school affairs.

Work planned for this winter

If the premises were large enough to plan and accommodate this new class in good conditions for the children and their teachers, work is nevertheless planned at the school.

The first will concern the school canteen, and more particularly its collective kitchen service which, for a little less than a year, has also made it possible to prepare meals for the elderly, “and for which we can still expand the distribution if necessary”. The kitchen expansion work will be done during school time this winter“trying to impact class time as little as possible”.

It will then be the turn of the teaching space with the construction of an additional room for the reception of leisure activities without accommodation (ALSH) “which occupies the school premises, which are more functional and pleasant than the old center of Taglio Rosso, on Wednesdays and during school holidays. This new room will be entirely dedicated to them and the managers will be able to keep their teaching materials there”continues the chosen one.

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Finally, “but it probably won’t be before the summer of 2023, or even the summer of 2024”the school will have a courtyard to replace the shadow spaces and stretched canvases not really suited to the school community. “The biggest constraint we have is that of the presence of the pupils because this work is very important and cannot be carried out during school time. We will therefore have to wait for the summer holidays.”

From a practical point of view, the children were offered free school supplies “thanks to an envelope of €1,200 which is allocated to each teacher”.

Each class also benefits from educational projects and school outings, sometimes with outside speakers: “There is a real dynamic in this area. The themes most often revolve around the environment and culture, and the children are demanding”notes Stéphanie Brie who sees for the moment only one downside to the school: the absence of a secretary, “which penalizes us in particular in the morning. The former secretary has left the establishment and we are looking to replace her”.

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The new recruit could arrive at a school that has not yet been baptized but will be soon “based on the work of former students, today in 3ewho have done a lot of research on the personalities of the town”smiles Lisa Bartoli.

Sainte-Lucie-de-Porto-Vecchio: 321 pupils and a new class for an evolving school group