Salento, at school without a backpack. And no homework

Bell rang a few days ago and the children of the Primary School from Montesardo fraction of Alessano they run happily for the new school adventure. A model of school their alternative is called “Without backpack ”and at the institute including Alessano, Montesardo and Mirror directed by Salvatora Welcome among the benches you are happy to start over. A project strongly desired by the manager who at the moment was able to apply it at the complexes of Montesardo and Specchia.

Experimentation in two classes

We are talking about two classes, a first and a second grade, where going to school without a backpack, will not only mean not carrying the weight of books and materials on your shoulders, but implementing a new way of doing and creating school every day. All children wear same clothes, a green t-shirt for the first classes and a yellow for the second, until the season allows everyone to use the blue apron. In short, a day of doing rather than saying: the children arrive at school without a backpack, because it is left at school, just as the work material, colored pencils and everyone always have a “notebook” to work on.

How does it work

“We meet in the agora – explains a teacher – in the morning the children arrive and after having placed their clothing, they pass by a first panel where they have to place their photo in the box indicating the presence, which is why there is no need to make the roll call. There is another panel where their mood of that day is reported. All reasons to stop and talk in the agora, this square where the teacher and pupils build the day ». In short, it is a question of educating autonomy with practice: the whole environment is colorful, from the walls to the furniture that children use, the fascinating thing is that there is no teacher’s desk and the tables are large ones where more children can sit. in a circle and work together. Another peculiarity of the “backpack-free” project is that children can go to the bathroom in autonomy without asking permission, but there is a traffic light in the classroom: when it is green, the pupil gets up, positioning the arrow on red to move the pointer again on the way back.

The manager explains: “Children at the center”

«This method – explains the manager Salvatora Accogli – puts the child at the center, the lesson is built with them and the foundations on which this methodology is based are thus acceptance, responsibility and community. The rules they are decided by themselves with the teachers and above all they are the architects of their knowledge, we work together. Thus an educating community is erected like a school ”. So autonomous children who live from 8 in the morning to 16 at school, who have recreation outside in the garden all together, children who have the possibility of self-evaluation with panels where they are the ones who write how they behaved. During the lessons there are objects of reference for them: the snake Bia which tells them to talk to each other in a low voice, or the little fish Nino which indicates the moment of listening and finally a small doll which depicts the teacher or the wooden teacher indicating the momentary displacement of the teacher from the class. So a school that defines children as “creators of beauty” with their motto: “Help us do it ourselves”. “We appreciated this school model brought by the manager – says the councilor for education of Alessano, Elisabetta Russo – and equipped the school with all the tools necessary to implement everything, the furniture of the section and various school materials, together for the good. of our children “. In short, once the lesson is over, the little “creators of beauty” return home, without a backpack, without any weight, but with the joy of sharing that they have lived and realized another life lesson, all together without leaving anyone behind, but with the happiness of having been an active part of an educating community.

Salento, at school without a backpack. And no homework