School, 2022 was the year of competitions. Here is the situation of the rankings, eligible until they can be hired

2022 was the year of competitions. To tell the truth, these were mostly competitions already banned in 2020 but which had been set aside due to the difficulty of carrying out the tests in the midst of the pandemic, or procedures postponed several times such as that of the extraordinary competition bis. Here is the situation of the rankings, photographed by the Ministry at the beginning of November 2022 (in the meantime some procedures may have concluded).

Ordinary competition 2020 childhood and primary school

Here are in which regions there are the rankings for the 2023 recruitment. Elaboration by the FLC CGIL

Entry into childhood and primary roles 2023: which places are freed up for mobility and recruitment

Ordinary childhood and primary competition 2020: here are all the rankings. Zero empty seats for common places, almost 5 thousand on support. TABLES

Ordinary competition 2020 secondary first and second degree

A competition negatively marked by the numerous errors found in the written tests proposed to the candidates, which for some competition classes still lead to the recurrence of the tests and therefore to a revision of the candidates admitted to the oral test. All the errors of the written test so far recognized by the Ministry

The GMs of the 2020 secondary competition pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 59/17 are valid for two years starting from the year following the one of approval, without prejudice to the right to hire the winners. Therefore, even after the aforementioned period of validity, the winners must be hired.

The aforementioned right is provided only for the successful candidates but not for the suitable candidates who, therefore, can be placed in the role only during the period of validity of the rankings.

So this is still an open topic.

In fact, Minister Valditara announced changes to the structure of the competitions as required by Legislative Decree 36/2022 and the introduction of a more specific transition phase for the reabsorption of teachers with service and these changes – at a legislative level, times are never short – could push away the idea of ​​a new ordinary competition in 2023, so the chance of hiring for suitable candidates remains.

But what really dominates are the “unfinished oral exams”. It means that it took three years to carry out an ordinary competition. It’s true, the pandemic has slowed everything down, but beyond the written test for the practical / oral test, in some cases a year will have passed.

In fact, at the moment there are many colleagues suitable for being hired in 2022/23 and it will probably be technically impossible to have new rankings for new competitions in good time for the 2023/24 school year, so at the moment the problem shouldn’t even arise for the suitable, even if the ranking was only for two years.

All the info on the qualification obtained

STEM competition 2022

Born as an offshoot of the 2020 ordinary competition, it took place in two tranches, 2021 and 2022 to cover the high number of vacant professorships in competition classes A020, A026, A027, A028, A041. The rankings

Extraordinary competition bis

Announced with DDG n. 1081 of 6 May 2022, only a few regions managed to conclude the procedures by 31 August 2022. The rankings

The rest of the hiring occurred in the following months. Now, however, there will probably be a stop to hiring, with postponement to the next school year, because otherwise newly hired teachers would not be able to complete the course of at least 180 days of lessons, of which at least 120 of teaching activities to complete the trial year.

The table prepared by the Ministry Here’s for which competition classes and regions the extraordinary competition bis didn’t end

There is no ranking scrolling to assign places to those who withdrawbecause it is a competition without eligible.

It has not been accepted at the momentamendment which proposed the extension of the ranking to all those who participated in the procedure.

Extraordinary competition bis: until nominations are possible, the trial and training year, the 5-credit course [SPECIALE]

Enabling competition 2020

Never done. When will it be done? Here is the Ministry’s response “Priority to new ordinary competitions”

Recruitment procedure from GPS first band support

All nominations

The extraordinary competition 2020 and the STEM competition 2021 were also completed

Admissions to the role of teachers, in 2022 almost 27 thousand. From the quick call 589 hires. The data [SCARICA PDF]

School, 2022 was the year of competitions. Here is the situation of the rankings, eligible until they can be hired – Horizon School News