School and beyond, Vian looks ahead

In a moment of rediscovery of humanistic culture in the world, in which the role of this discipline is being re-evaluated also as a support to political, social and cultural development, the “Ignazio Vian” State Scientific High School of Bracciano has decided to make its contribution by organizing a series of in-depth events open to the whole territory.

The first Study Day, entitled “Winged words: classical echoes in modern times”, took place today in the lecture hall of the Institute and saw the participation not only of students (current and past) and teachers, but also of representatives from all over the territory such as: the councilor of Bracciano Emanuela Viarengo, the president of the Lions Club Bracciano-Anguillara Sabazia Monti Sabatini Pietro Lombardo and the past president Bruno Ralti, the mayor of Trevignano Claudia Maciucchi, the president of the Association Forum Clodii Massimo Mondini and the vice president of the Institute Sara Carosi, moderator of the meeting, the president of the Council of the Luigia di Michele Institute.

To open this important moment of study, the head teacher of the institute Lucia Lolli. «The Vian is a high school with an important and consolidated history, and has always represented an excellence for the territory. – declared Prof. Lolli – The institute starts again today with the contribution of Prof. Fedele and Prof. Barbuti. “

In fact, this first day of study saw the participation of Paolo Fedeli, emeritus professor of Latin language and literature at the University of Bari and member of the Accademia dei Lincei, who gave a lectio magistralis entitled “The ode to Soratte: from Horace to Pavese “. Through the analysis of the translations made at a very young age by Pavese and Leopardi of Orazio’s Ode to Soratte, Fedeli recalled how Latin is still alive today in the Romance languages, and how the classics have crossed the centuries, interpreted and translated into different eras taking into account the different contexts, without ever losing their relevance and usefulness.

Nicola Barbuti, from the Department of Humanistic Research and Innovation of the University of Bari, with his speech “Cultural dimensions in search of an author: being humanists in the digital age” explained how digital is not a danger for the disciplines at all. humanities but instead represents an opportunity to enhance them and make them more usable.

“The day is the result of the intense work of the students of the 5th X and 5th Y, guided by their teachers”, highlighted Prof. Lolli, underlining how one of the objectives was to stimulate the students to have an active role in organization of the initiative.

As recalled by Franco Marzo of the editorial team of L’agone in his speech during the debate, in an era where information is not lacking but is often superficial, moments of in-depth study in which to listen to the contribution of experts such as Prof. Fedele are important. and Prof. Barbuti, help and train the minds, knowledge and management coffers of tomorrow.


We at L’agone can only congratulate the institute for this initiative, and thank the speakers for their contribution on an absolutely topical issue!

On behalf of the Lions, Bruno Heated spoke, addressing the boys, expressing and interpreting how much it is necessary to reconstruct that knowledge and give them the necessary tools for their training. He thanks the Manager Lucia Lolli and all those present.

Sara Fantini
L’agone editor

School and beyond, Vian looks ahead – Associazione L’agone Nuovo