School and pandemic: Ats Valpadana reactivates the surveillance group and the toll

MANTUA – On the occasion of the start of the new school year 2022/2023, the ATS of the Po Valley confirms the highest level of attention and support to the world of schoolin a phase of management of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic that sees educational institutions committed to adopting measures, no longer containment but mitigation.
In fact, it has been implemented within the EU a progressive shift from an infection control strategy focused on trying to interrupt the transmission chains of the virus as much as possible, to a mitigation strategy aimed at containing the impact of the epidemic on public health with new indications, even in schools. In this context, for example, it was the quarantine of close contacts in the case was suspended and the obligation to use masks was gradually eliminated in most public places and even in classrooms.
As is well known, school represents one of the areas in which the circulation of a virus requires particular attention; however, it is necessary to consider that the school fits into the wider context of the community, so the measures applied in the school environment must take into account and preferably be homogeneous with the measures envisaged in the community context. The prerequisites to be taken into consideration for future interventions in the school context, in relation to the epidemiological framework and the progressively available evidence, consist in the need to guarantee school continuity in the presence and to foresee the minimum impact on school activities of the measures adopted.
In this new epidemiological and “life” scenario of families, the ATS of the Po Valley intends to keep active the channels of reference and support both for schools and for parents.
The ATS Val Padana School Supervision Group was therefore reactivated with Dr. Laura Rubagotti as ATS Covid Contact for Schools, assisted by Dr. Dario Scotellaro – contact person for the territorial area of ​​Crema and Cremona – and Dr. Chiara Pasini – contact person for the territorial area of ​​Mantua. These are prevention professionals from the Department of Hygiene and Health Prevention (DIPS), former reference figures for schools on health promotion issues, but above all operators who, in the past school years, have carried out an intense contact activity. tracing and health surveillance in the Educational Services for the Infancy and in all schools of all levels.
To facilitate contact with local Institutes, Covid representatives continue to respond to requests from individual Institutes, often interfacing with the various Services of the DIPS Department, in particular with the Infectious Diseases Structure and where necessary also with other structures of the Agency; school managers and teachers can contact them for communications, requests for information or clarifications aimed at maintaining health and safety in the school environment.
In this sense, in continuity with the actions of the previous school year, the dedicated e-mail box was reactivated, with the aim of continuing to ensure the maximum possible support for school staff. Furthermore, the section “INFECTION FROM SARS-COV-2: INDICATIONS FOR SCHOOLS” is always active and updated on the ATS website, accessible from the homepage; particularly displayed is the “Useful info for schools and parents” page ( where it is possible to download answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ Covid-19), the legislation and the regional and ministerial indications.
The ATS has also provided for the revival of initiatives aimed at supporting school managers and teachers.
“Also for the school year 2022/2023” – confirms Laura Rubagotti – “to respond to the need for specific training expressed by numerous teachers and consolidate the collaboration with the local schools in terms of health surveillance, we organized a training event that it will deal, in particular, with the indications for the mitigation of the effects of Sars-COV-2 infections in the educational system. In any case, we regularly support school managers through the transmission of materials and operational or clarification notes, in order to provide timely and updated information with respect to the national and regional reference legislation. I also want to remember – concludes Rubagotti – our training offer represented by the catalog “Health at School: Designing on the Net” which can be consulted on the ATS website (, aimed at all schools in the provinces of Cremona and Mantua, which also includes prevention and mitigation projects and programs with respect to Covid-19. “
Finally, as regards information channels for families, it should be remembered that with the start of the school year 2022/2023, the toll-free number of the Val Padana ATS dedicated to Parents 800 296 300 has been reactivated. It is active from Monday to Friday from 9 to 13 and from 14 to 16; is aimed solely at parents of children / adolescents belonging to the age group 0-19 years in order to provide indications for the mitigation of the effects of the SARS-CoV-2 infection in the educational system of education and training for the year school 2022-2023.

School and pandemic: Ats Valpadana reactivates the surveillance group and the toll-free number –