School closed in Montemarciano, controversy continues: mayor and deputy mayor in the cyclone

MONTEMARCIANO – The Marotti school affair has caused a sensation in the city. The large cracks created following the earthquake of 9 November have left their aftermath not only on thebuilding, now closed after an inspection of the firefighters despite the municipal reassurances, but also on the trust of some citizens in this political class. Among the most skeptical are the opposition council groups who are considering motions of no confidence in some members of the municipal council.

In particular, the mayor Damiano Bartozzi and the councilor for public works Andrea Tittarelli ended up in the eye of the storm. According to the parents who protested, they underestimated the seriousness of the situation at first and then made statements in contrast with what was suggested by the firefighters, as was later read in the order to close the complex in via Marotti.

«The Marotti school, after the earthquake, presents serious problems and there are 200 students at risk every day. It is inadmissible to hear the mayor say that his house is less secure than this establishment.” he explained initially Edda Piergentili, municipal councilor of the 5 Star Movement. Which he then added: «We were right, the boys escaped danger. I have no words for what happened.” Finally, he indicated the commissioner Tittarelli as responsible for this matter.

Called into question, the exponent of “Montemarciano Democracy and Solidarity” – which is also deputy mayor – wanted to reply stating that «the earthquake was immediately dealt with by the Body with the maximum attention» and explaining how things went. During the meetings of the Municipal Operations Center the school complex in via Marotti was discussed, in which “cracks were found that needed further evaluations”. Based on inspections and checks, “the municipal technicians agreed that these cracks were the only critical issues related to the seismic event found on the building and that they would not have jeopardized the practicability and safety of the building”.

One of the cracks in the school in via Marotti in Montemarciano, after the earthquake of 9 November 2022

This was followed by an assignment to an external company which check the stability of the plaster, also widening the crackse: to carry out these operations, lessons have been suspended: the pupils of the “C. Falcinelli” should have returned to class on Monday 14 November while those of the “De Amicis” primary school two days later to allow for the final work and cleaning, following the authorization of the engineer as reported in the Coc. This is where the worried parents they have come into the picture demonstrated in front of the schoolhave requested the transfer of their children to other locations and the activation of distance learning, as then ordered by the school manager.

Meanwhile, the municipal administration, in a meeting with the parents, has begun the evaluation of the transfer of educational activities. The inspection by the fire brigaderequested by the M5S under pressure from his parents, shuffled the cards: «It was hypothesized – explains Tittarelli – that the cracks could also be caused by groundwater level changes. For this reason they asked to suspend the use of the building as a precaution until further investigations were carried out by qualified professionals. The Mayor, acknowledging the report of the fire brigade, issued an order to close the school» (No. 106 of 15 November, Editor’s note). It should be noted – concludes the deputy mayor – that this structure over time has been under control by the staff of the technical office also making use of the expertise of external engineers, who made projects and then carried out consolidation works in 2009 and static adjustment in 2019 “.

Meanwhile the pupils are in dadwhile the administration is moving the headquarters of the Falcinelli secondary school in the Marina complex and that of the De Amicis primary school in Montemarciano. The directors of the other opposition group are also critical of the body’s work Montemarciano project that they talked about of «the darkest page for Montemarciano politics».

School closed in Montemarciano, controversy continues: mayor and deputy mayor in the cyclone – CentroPagina