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Have you always dreamed of working in schools? Whether you are a teacher, a principal, an ATA staff member or a secretarial worker, this article will help you find a good test simulator.

In fact, we have compared two of the best simulators for School Competitions: The ordinary contest simulator Easy-Quizzz school and the Simone Online Simulator.

Let’s see both advantages and disadvantages, similarities and differences. In the end, you will be able to choose the portal that offers you the ideal study path for you, based on your preferences.

Both Easy-Quizzz and Simulatore Online Simone are simulators for public competitions dedicated not only to schools, but also to various other sectors. However, while the Simone Online Simulator is linked to the editions of the same name, therefore to the sale of the manuals, the Easy-Quizzz portal offers a huge updated database of tests and trialswith many very useful functions for learning.

Simon Online Simulator

The Simone Online Simulator offers closed-question tests divided by subjects that correspond to those to be prepared for the official competition. At first glance, we find the individual classic school and university subjects on which to prepare.

The only specific tests are those in red: the infant and primary school competition and the support teacher TFA, for infant and primary school teachers and support teachers.

Trying to find a more specific contest, for example the one for head teachers, I got a list of useful manuals to study.


I always recommend combining any online quiz simulator, whether for school or not, with paper material.

In any case, proceeding with the simulation of a test (I chose the one for kindergarten and primary school), the Simone Online Simulator offers both the test to try immediately and the manuals to buy and study. There is also a complete sheet with all the instructions and subjects to prepare.


Here’s what the test looks like once it’s started:


I am unable to view the outcome of my responses, as my email address is required. I guess, however, I wouldn’t have passed it, since I’d be giving answers at random, just to see what the results screen looked like.



THE quiz school competitions, on Easy-Quizzz, are very easy to find: just look on the top bar of the home page to find them immediately. In the “school” category you will find the databases of the competitions for FrATA staff, teacher, administration, school managersetc.

The start page of the test is full of links and information. The links lead to the various competitions of your interest, while the instructions explain both how to use the simulator and how to prepare for an exam and which other simulators within the site to use and which tests to carry out to prepare yourself adequately for each subject.


The enormous amount of very useful information for the study is well organized within the pagejust like you can see in the following image.


Simulator tools for Easy-Quizzz school competitions

While Simulatore Online Simone, being a publishing house, rightly aims to promote its excellent and useful manuals, Easy-Quizzz offers a complete online digital test simulator not only on the websitebut also on the applicationwhich you can download for free either on iOS and Android.

Portal and App work in sync, in the sense that the results of your profile will always appear in perfect sync, regardless of the device you use for your tests. The App also works in the offline mode.

As for the test modes, you can use the practice modewhich allows you to set all the possible variables, such as subjects, number of questions, time, minimum exam pass threshold, etc.

You can also use the exam mode if, on the other hand, you want each parameter preset, as if it were the real official competition for schools.

We can conclude by saying that the manuals of Edizioni Simone are certainly an excellent source for studying, but the test simulator is not exactly satisfactory, not only because it offers a few limited subjects, but also because, to obtain the results, registration is required .

Since they were looking for online simulators for school competitions, Easy-Quizzz shows up definitely better for its completeness, for its excellent usability, for the App and for all the functions made available to you in the test.

If you want advice to better prepare yourself, however, always use different sources for the study: both practicing with a test and literally studying the theory on a manual is very important. Nobody forces you, however, to choose only one or the other portal: studying from multiple sources and from different types of sources (books, test simulations, videos, audiobooks, etc.) is much more effective than studying from one source only.

For example, you could still buy both a manual from Edizioni Simone and subscribe to Easy-Quizzz which costs the same as a manual and gives you access to many test simulators not only for school, but also for driving licenses. the military, the university, etc.).

As for contests, although both are very reliable as references, always rely on the Ministry of Education and Merit, to get only reliable information. We wish you all the best in your contest.

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