School, first day in Salento: 124 thousand Salento students among the desks. But 170 professors are missing

The first bell of the new one rings this morning school year. The watchword is “normality” with the hope that distance learning and contagions are just a bad memory.
A total of 124 thousand will return to class pupils: 101,430 in Salento, divided between 13,733 for Infancy, 29,310 for Primary, 20,089 for Lower Secondary and 38,298 for High Schools. TO Lecce city ​​Childhood includes 1,604 pupils, the Primary 3,678, the Middle Schools 2,839 and the Upper Secondary School 14,533. But the recovery for the institutions will not be without problems starting from the empty chairs in the province of Lecce. A fundamental knot that the board will try to solve this morning.

170 teachers are still missing

After the short circuits of the past few weeks, caused by the renunciation of the past precarious workers to the appointment of the role, there is the desire to cover the approximately 170 teachers who are missing: between 60 and 70 teachers for Infancy and Primary and the remaining among the teachers for the first and second grade secondary school. Problems concerning the support posts with which one has also worked by calling those who had only the three years matured in the past, but also the various disciplinary subjects, from the humanities to the scientific ones. From the calculations of the Uil, the substitute teachers will be distributed as follows: 3,819 in the province of Bari, 906 Brindisi, 1,471 Foggia, 1,030 Lecce and 1,333 Taranto. These numbers include 2,976 hours of physical education (1,224 Bari, 336 Brindisi, 480 Foggia, 504 Lecce and 432 Taranto) to be allocated to the 1,488 fifth grade classes of primary school (612 Bari, 168 Brindisi, 240 Foggia, 252 Lecce, 216 Taranto), two hours for each class, drawing teachers from secondary school rankings. The count of ATA collaborators needed after the failure to confirm the Covid contingent deployed for two years is more substantial: there is talk of about 300 fewer operators only for the province of Lecce: only 22 have been authorized. The administrative directors are trying to jump through hoops to avoid leaving the sites uncovered. The advice of the managers is to combine the use of laboratories and gyms by the classes in order to have fewer opportunities to dirty the environments. Or limit the passage in the lobbies and common areas. It remains complicated to untie the knot of prolonged time associated with the short week, now the rule in almost all schools in the province, especially in the lower ranks. The presence of children at school until 5 pm, during a timetable including the canteen, represents a difficult commitment to fulfill for collaborators, often reduced to one unit per school complex. Broadening the horizon, to date, in Puglia, there are 56 institutions that do not yet have a headmaster, to which must be added the non-recruitment of 9 thousand professors and over a thousand Ata employees.

School trains and buses: the transport hub

Also waiting for transport, used by many families to reach school. After the limitations due to the pandemic, the return will lead to a capacity on the vehicles – trains And bus – 100%, removing the inconveniences of past years where overcrowding and the need for more trips had pushed the institutions to organize separate entrances, with serious inconvenience for families. The South East Railways have fine-tuned the new timetable, which will include, starting from today, 230 train rides and 1500 bus rides per day. Among the main innovations of the time change, the introduction of the timing on the Lecce – Gallipoli line with trains departing from Gallipoli at minute 7 and from Lecce at the stroke of the hour. Intensified runs in the commuter bands with trains in connection with Zollino for Gagliano. The connections between Otranto, Maglie and Lecce have also been strengthened. The bus timetables have been planned following the indications of the schools that this year will increase the adoption of the short week.

The wish for a good start to the school year from Salvemini and Minerva

Meanwhile, the good wishes of the institutions arrive. “To the students of our land – wrote in his message, the President of the Province, Stefano Minerva– the wish to always be curious, to open the heart and mind to knowledge and knowledge. To the teaching, technical and administrative staff of our institutes we wish to continue to be a beacon that illuminates the path of the new generations. Happy first day of school to all of you who are hope for our land. Brave land, hardworking land, thanks to a school capable of building bridges and breaking down the walls of indifference ». Even the mayor of Lecce, Carlo Salvemini. «Thank you, children and young people – emphasizes the mayor – for what you have done in recent years to combat the pandemic. It is thanks to your commitment and sacrifices that you have faced with discipline if we have managed to slow down the spread of Covid19 and today we can experience a normal first day of school with an extraordinary flavor. Happy school year to all of you, school is a special place, education and study are the best tools available to everyone to make their dreams come true. Happy New Year also to the teachers, to the school administrators and to the administrative and technical staff, who faced the pandemic with self-denial and professionalism and who are finally back to work under normal conditions today. School is the most important public investment that a country makes in its future, to their work, to their passion we entrust the growth of our children, which is the most precious thing we have ».

School, first day in Salento: 124 thousand Salento students among the desks. But 170 professors are missing