“School for School” movement: «Enough with the “all

Always attentive to the internal dynamics of the school world, the teachers of the “La Scuola per la Scuola” Movement write: «The additional, extra-curricular offer, often the subject of discussion and mediation in the initial stages of the school year, risks hindering rather than favoring the full and effective implementation of the curricular offer? Perhaps the time has come for a serious and in-depth reflection on the opportunity to proceed in this direction or if it is the case to put a limit on the frenetic activity of expanding and improving the Educational Offer that every School puts in place.

What are the projects actually supporting the curricular offer? Which instead are those which, while worthy of attention, have no real impact on the disciplines and on the training of our students? It is true that today’s increasingly varied, complex and demanding society invites the School to get involved and respond to the most diverse needs. But it is also true that, structured in this way, the School cannot deal with everything. Teachers cannot substitute for all the agencies and individuals, including the family, who in various capacities should deal with the overall education and training of our young people.

As teachers we run the risk of imploding and detonating: in fact, how can we sustain a load of commitments and at the same time motivate, reinforce and convince students about the goodness of extracurricular courses? The supplementary loads, often in the afternoon, together with other sports, musical and recreational activities, end up absorbing all the energies of our students, often leading to results that are diametrically opposed to the objectives for which they are designed. If we think of the criteria by which a family, at the time of enrolment, opts for one school rather than another, the amount of activities offered frequently acts as a “showcase”. But in the classroom the situation often presents itself under the guise of tiredness, demotivation, confusion on the part of students overloaded with commitments and disoriented about the real function of the school.

Competitions, competitions, games, individual and group performances, meticulous preparations for performances in front of the authorities and school administrators abound. The latter are now “almost forced” to conform to the “appearance mode” on the media and social networks, to make their initiatives known, share information, increase popularity, to seal the validity of their school. Even the teacher seems to suffer from forms of inadequacy if his work remains confined to the classroom and does not have the same media coverage as a famous brand.

In an increasingly demanding socio-economic context, the need is perceived for a reorganization of the “school service” in line with the new and greater needs of the family, often in economic difficulty or, at times, not very present in the process of raising their children and with a generation of students that we can define as smart due to the speed of information processing and at the same time selfless due to a veiled and widespread disinterest in school duties. How then to respond to these varied and multiple needs?

Among the purposes of the PNRR, lascuolaperlascuola proposes, to distinguish the moments of study and learning of the curricular disciplines, from support activities, offer implementation, participation in tenders and projects, the creation of the college or full-time model for all orders of school. Let’s separate moments and professionalism, enough with the know-it-all teacher».

Tuesday 22 November 2022

“School for School” movement: «Enough with the “all-rounder” teacher» – RuvoLive.it