School in the Sannio, uphill recovery: transport node and anti

The transport node, compliance with anti protocols Covid and appointments from GPS are the main obstacles to overcome, 10 days after the reopening of schools, for institutions and the school community. Problems on which we browse on sight in search of concrete solutions. The debate on the adoption of the short week as a measure for energy saving remains open, sacrificing Saturdays and spreading the hours lost during the other days. Most of the institutes are oriented to experiment with the hypothesis but the choice, at the moment, is to continue until mid-October with the timetable over 6 days. Much will depend on the rescheduling of the schedules of the extra-urban transport lines.

A long-awaited turning point that could take place as early as Tuesday, when the Provincial School Office, the Municipality of Benevento and the Province they will meet at Palazzo Mosti to discuss it in a special technical table. The hypothesis of creating a new run that covers the time slot between 15 and 17, so as not to leave commuter students on the street, is being considered. «The transport question remains very delicate, declares the supervisor Mirella Scala -. We hope to reach a definitive solution within a few months. We must be attentive to the needs of children, taking into account all the difficulties that commuters will have to face. The school must be protected and left as peaceful as possible, especially in a year like this one, in which we are slowly returning to normality ». A concern also underlined by the President of the Province Nino Lombardi, who expressed a favorable opinion on the adoption of the short week. “We have to talk about it carefully at the technical meeting he announces – but above all we have to respect the needs of the many young people who move from the internal areas to the city”.

The mayor is of the same opinion Clemente Mastella: «The problems are there and must be addressed. Expensive energy is a real and serious problem but our administration is ready to do its duty, trying to reach the best possible solution while respecting families, school bodies and local authorities ».
Chapter chairs. After the first round of appointments last week, the Scala manager took stock of the situation thanks to the many complaints received and which led to the correction of material errors. “Unfortunately, we are aware that the GPS ranking algorithm did not work properly. An old problem that other colleagues in many cities have also faced. We are correcting the errors of the computer system and I reassure the teachers: the chairs will be redistributed and in fact we have already started with the new calls ».

Finally, the problem of contacts with positive cases at school. If on the one hand there is concern for the resumption of infections, but not in schools, on the other it is noted how the disease in the most serious form seems less and less frequent. “It would be utopian to think that it is over but, fortunately, in this first part of the school year no major problems have emerged in the Covid field. After all, the vademecum released to schools by the Ministry of Education speaks clearly “continues La Scala who then warns:” We must be careful with the arrival of the first cold, we cannot freeze the pupils by keeping the windows open. I remember that there is freedom for everyone, teachers and students, to wear a mask if they deem it appropriate, even if it is no longer mandatory.

School in the Sannio, uphill recovery: transport node and anti-Covid measures