School in Valle del Cauca has been robbed twice: they took from the food to the security mesh

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In May of this year, authorities from the Carlos Sarmiento Lora Industrial Technical Institute, located in the municipality of Tuluá, in the center of Valle del Cauca, reported that they had been victims of the thieves. At the time, it was said that the robbers had taken the food of more than 1,300 children. Today, four months later, the same was reported. Now, instead of food, the aforementioned criminals took 30 meters of mesh that were intended to surround the structure and take care of it. This, according to what teachers and parents argue, leaves the interior of the school even more unprotected.

“That mesh is expensive and expert teachers who know about tools reviewed it and say they knew how to cut it very well. The robbery here is continuous, today a part is stolen, tomorrow another and all because there is no security guard to make the rounds. There is only one goalkeeper who must stay in the front and the rest of the institution is left helpless”, commented one of the attendants in an interview with Blu Radio. In May, when the food was stolen, this fence had been climbed to enter the school.

Inside the school, say the concerned teachers and relatives of the students, there are more than 40 classrooms equipped with televisions and computers, so it is dangerous that the structure of that educational establishment now does not have any protection or more security personnel. “Who can be named from this? Well, to the mayor because this is due to his breach. If he put security guards or cameras this would not have happened. It was the chronicle of an announced robbery”added the woman who showed her disagreement in her talk with the station.

In May, when the food was stolen, Martha Tovar, representative of the parents, reported the events to the same media outlet. She revealed that the thieves had taken sausages, bread and drinks. Likewise, they took coffee machines, microwave ovens and sandwich makers that served more than 1,300 students and other members of the institution. “They left everything empty and it is sad to know that a mother who is the head of a household get up to go attend your cafeteria and when you arrive, find it empty”said Tovar, at the time.

“This year a request was sent to the Police Commander to help us with the patrolling of the quadrant in the area. and it has already been impossible because we have not received a written or verbal response. The robberies have been seen”pointed out the mother of the family.

To these statements was added the word of Councilman Cristian Hernández, who said that it was necessary that the competent authorities should take note of it. “We need the governor to take a look at Tuluá because the president, due to lack of authority a municipality with insecurity is leaving us, the criminal gangs continue to grow and nothing is done by the institutions,” he said.

While it is discovered what will happen with the robbery, what happened in recent days at the Juan de Ampudia Educational Institution, in northern Cali, was recalled. There, according to images viralized on social networks, a strong fight took place. “I want to invite reflection, dialogue, understanding and reconciliation. That before any situation that leads to intolerance, we have the opportunity to get to know each other”said the secretary of education, José Darwin Lenis. It all happened inside the school premises.

Likewise, at the beginning of September, it was learned of the death of a minor when she was leaving the Gabriel García Márquez school, located in the Comuneros I neighborhood, to the east of Cali. “We can state that we have already identified the aggressor who committed these acts. And we continue in the search to find the capture and prosecution,” said Colonel William Quintero, deputy commander of the Cali Metropolitan Police.


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School in Valle del Cauca has been robbed twice: they took from the food to the security mesh