School: Latins to students, “year help us to know you better”

Councilor Marche, “believe in yourself and seek help from teachers”

(ANSA) – ANCONA, 13 SEPTEMBER – “Dear students, teachers, administrative staff, a new school year is opening that sees the specter of social distancing fade away. In the Marche region we have invested heavily in mechanical ventilation precisely to avoid a repetition of a situation which risks damaging your educational and training path. This meant, especially at the beginning, courage and determination “.

The Regional Councilor for Education Giorgia Latini writes it.

“But the work done was fundamental and, I believe, we will have to continue on this path. In recent months – he reports – I have had the good fortune to get to know the world of education and the extraordinary work done by teachers more closely. I have witnessed the great impulse that projects involving educators and students can give to teaching that focuses on the person. awakening the talent, the creativity. All this was possible thanks to a path able to bring out the peculiarities of each one. A task that must go through the commitment of the institutions as well as of those who live school every day ” .

“I am more and more convinced that true politics, indeed true politics, begins at the school. – continues the councilor – It is you, the boys and girls who question the future of this country every morning in order to grow. world of adults risks threatening the hope that is in you and that must be sought and cultivated. Commit yourselves and never give in to a negative vision of the future “.

“Believe in yourself and seek the help of your teachers, in the projects to which you give your time and your work, here is the turning point of everything. – exhorts Latini – I have heard that adults must be instructors of flight of those who are younger, I find this definition appropriate. But you are required to have the courage and the willingness to discover the vocation of our life and everyone has one. A great philosopher I met in my course of study, Socrates, he said that in knowing oneself there is the secret of happiness. I believe that school, when it does not fail in its mission, is the best way to know oneself. Here we compare ourselves with ourselves and with others to know what we want to pursue and what we want to leave. The wish I make you is this, – he concludes – that the new year that begins will serve you to know yourself better and more deeply and to fulfill the truth that is in your heart “. (HANDLE).