School strike Friday 23 September, lessons at risk: latest updates

Lessons at risk by Friday September 23. There school has now started again, the last students to return to school were those from Sicily and Valle d’Aosta, who returned only on 19 September. Lessons have therefore returned to full capacity, although some pupils are still waiting to meet the new teachers.

Yet, despite the fact that the school has started a few weeks ago, the unions seem to be ready to make their voices heard; in fact, a first has already been proclaimed strike of the teachers and staff Ata from the acronyms You know (School and Environment Union) e Csle (Trade Union Confederation of European Workers). Two days of rest were called, on 23 And September 24. Strike then confirmed on 9 September by note n.74585 of Ministry of Education

Classes will therefore not be guaranteed this Friday, September 23, for all students of all grades. There schoolL’universitythe ResearchL’Afam (High artistic, musical and dance training) and professional training for the climate will take to the streets again, against war and the social crisis and climate change on the occasion of the Global Climate Strike #PeopleNotProfit launched by Fridays For Future, but not only. There are many critical points on which the next government will have to intervene. Here’s everything you need to know.

School strike, lessons at risk: until when will it stop?

Between the school strike and the political elections of 25 September 2022, students risk missing several days of lessons. If indeed Friday 23 September the lessons are at risk for students and university students, following the decision of the teachers to take to the streets next to the students, to protest against the war and the social crisis and climate change; for Saturday September 24 (day when most of the institutions are already closed) e September 26 lessons will be lost for all schools that will be offices of the electoral section offices.

The stop at lessons it will therefore be longer than expected for students: from 23 September until September 26th. Unless otherwise agreed locally, the pupils will return in the classroom Tuesday September 27.

School strike 23-24 September, here’s why: the reasons

Professors and teachers, some younger or less, try to overcome the generation gap to join the students and protest. As we read in fact

on the press release issued by Flc Cgilthe world of education and research is called to join the mobilization with the “younger generations”, sharing “goals and aspirations of the Climate Agenda for the immediate future of Fridays for Future“.

Proposals that look not only atenvironmentbut also al work and ai universal rights, such as those for working hours reduction, job guarantees and energy security; and still with goals to make a real breakthrough for school And universityfrom the energy efficiency of buildings to public transport, crucial for education as we saw in the pandemic“.

If in the past the generations found themselves on opposite fronts, divided by nostalgic aspirations and attitudes, today teachers are united with students, an action that is very necessary in the face of the advancement of climate crisisthe war and the inequalities.

Strike 23-24 September: the critical points of the education system

If the strike sees the convergence of intentions between students and teachers to hold together “the reasons for peace, for the change in environmental policies, for the intervention on rights and wages”, the reasons for protesting and striking did not end there.

There are numerous issues on which the next government will be called upon to intervene. Among the hottest topics we find the renewal of the school contract, which has been standing still for years, and on which the trade unions and the Ministry do not intend to back down. Again, another serious problem, especially evident with the return to school, is that of the algorithm with which the are assigned substitutes. In fact, in recent days, many institutions have had to cope with the lack of staff. The number of open chairs falls on the institutes.

School strike Friday 23 September, lessons at risk: latest updates