School, the CGIL doesn’t like the low government consideration: “We deserve respect”

TERAMO – The Minister of Education and Merit, following the recent statements by President Meloni, continues to attack the CGIL and the role of representation it plays.

He makes statements that do not answer the truth on the data relating to the representation of the FLC CGIL: we are abundantly the first union for RSU votes, confirming a broad and convinced trust in our union.

Furthermore, in the province of Teramo we have almost 40% of the RSU votes and one of the highest unionization rates in Italy (ratio of the number of members of the FLC CGIL compared to the workforce).

We recall that more than 70% of school workers participated in these elections last April. This is a clear sign of interest and recognition of the role of unitary trade union representatives. Numbers decidedly higher than the vote for the policies of last September 25, 2022, where 60% of those entitled voted.

The minister seems to orientate his action with the policy of building an enemy against which to lash out, carefully avoiding giving answers in the budget law, approved with blows of confidence, to his own commitments declared last November 4 in the meeting with the OO .SS.
The budget law should have financed the renewal of the national collective labor agreement, because for now we have almost completed an expired contract with resources that had already been allocated by previous governments. Instead, there is nothing for renewal, while inflation is 12%.

Valditara’s enemy is the democratic school of the Constitution, the one that includes and welcomes, the one that does not discriminate between rich and poor, that removes inequalities and offers opportunities to those born without them, the one that favors the integration and development of all and all.
So far we have listened to slogans and propaganda from the minister, we have read letters to schools full of partisan narratives, we have read letters and interviews with the media in which the attempt to dismantle the democratic school of the Constitution for a more classist “meritocratic” school is evident, which sanctions a dangerous substantial. A conservative, regressive idea of ​​a school to supervise, punish and certify inequalities, also through differentiated autonomy. Foreshadowing a return to the pre-1968 past where everything worked.

The school of merit is not the school of opportunities, but the school of selection and social exclusion. We have been asking for a long time not to make money with the school. Who governs us has cut 8 billion to the school to give it to the banks. He would have to answer for this disaster caused over the years and perpetrated afterwards.

The minister – in fact – does not speak of investments but of ideological appropriation of the school. A policy that we will oppose in every way. We ask for adequate staff, reliable resources, recovery of school time, school structures that allow a quality educational offer for male and female students – FLC CGIL TERAMO –

School, the CGIL doesn’t like the low government consideration: “We deserve respect”