School, the new course of the Marignoni Polo institute: “We will train professionals for health and social care”

from Giovanna Maria Fagnani

Saturday 26 November the open day in via Melzi d’Eril. The address «Services for health and social assistance» makes its debut. With Pnrr funds innovative classrooms and laboratories

The start of the new socio-medical address and three projects funded by the Pnrr which envisage the creation of innovative classrooms e laboratories for the professions of the future, as well as interventions in the fight against early school leaving. These are some of the novelties that will be presented on Saturday 26 November at first open day of the Marignoni Polo. The institute, which is located in the historic building in via Melzi d’Eril 9 (it was an air-raid shelter during the Second World War), and was born in 2000 from the merger of the State Professional Institutes «D. Marignoni» and «Marco Polo» (formerly «Stendhal/Voltaire»), has so far concentrated its training offer in the economic-tourism and commercial services fields.

Now comes the address «Health and social assistance services»: one of the professional courses which, in the province of Milan, has registered an increase in requests in recent years. «The pandemic has been the biggest shock globally in recent decades. The medical and paramedical professions immediately appeared fundamental and without sufficient personnel to be employed to deal with the emergency – says the principal Simona Forzoni -. But even in non-emergency situations, with the aging of the population, it is clear that personnel specialized in this sector will be increasingly needed and we wanted to provide our students with this opportunity. The new course also guarantees access to all university facultiesin particular, the paramedical faculties, those of education and training sciences, sociology, psychology, the three-year degree courses of professional educator and social worker are natural outlets».

Among the addresses already activated by the school, however, «The greatest growth is in the Economic-Tourist Technical Institute, especially since the Covid restrictions have been lifted. Families are very interested because in a country with a strong cultural connotation, tourism has always been a resource and source of employment. For this reason, we also have in-depth art history projects». About 600 students of many different nationalities study at the Marignoni-Polo today and the institute is very attentive to inclusion and awareness of issues such as respect for others, legality, the enhancement of diversity and the uniqueness of each.

Among the additional projects is «A bench for everyone, a color for each» which helps to reflect on the dynamics of discrimination and exclusion that can lead to forms of violence and will culminate with the creation, in Sempione Park, of two benches, one red and one rainbow. “The project was shared with the entire educational community, which participated enthusiastically,” says the principal.

The Marignoni-Polo, like all the others professional, will shortly be affected by the national reform of these institutions, which in September obtained the go-ahead from the Council of Ministers. predicts innovation, network with the territories, strengthening of the laboratory activity. «It is a great opportunity to give new impetus to these courses, which have recently attracted less interest from families. The goal is to strengthen the link between school and the world of work and the professions, in a manner consistent with the objectives of innovation, environmental sustainability and competitiveness envisaged by the Pnrr. Our institute is already working on updating the individual training project, according to the new indications».

For the Pnrr instead a team of teachers was created «in order to be ready when the implementation lines of these interventions come out. It is a great opportunity for renewal for the Italian school, and it is also a great challenge, because schools have never been so protagonists as in this moment». On the occasion of the open day the school will be open on Saturday 26 November, from 8.30 to 12.30.

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November 24, 2022 ( edit November 24, 2022 | 21:20)


School, the new course of the Marignoni Polo institute: “We will train professionals for health and social care”