School: the new year starts under the banner of cautious optimism

Photo Costanza Bono

There is a general, albeit cautious, optimism among the school leaders of the Institutes of all levels in Fossano and the surrounding area.
After the difficulties and uncertainties of the last two school years spent between distance learning, masks and interpersonal distancing, the one that will start tomorrow, Monday 12 September it looks like a timid return to normality.
Via the masks, shorter quarantines, recommended spacing, but not mandatory with the consequent possibility of returning to spend the intervals in the corridors even simultaneously with the other classes: without saying it superstitiously still too strong the school year 2022/2023 has all the conditions to start on the right foot.
The two comprehensive institutes, Sacco and Paglieri, have chosen the path of sharing: in fact, they will adopt a joint protocol for the prevention measures to be respected as confirmed by the two managers Serena Balatresi and Fabiana Arnaudo.
The staffing is close to completion in both institutions. Since the end of the last school year, the measures that provided for the reinforced green pass for all school staff have ceased and therefore also those who, where present, were suspended have now been reinstated. There are many entries in the role and the annual substitutions of professors already appointed and therefore very few chairs still remain to be covered.
“In addition to already having a good organic endowment at the start, we will also be able to count on a whole series of funding that will allow the activation of all the Pon previously launched and the paths for non-Italian-speaking students – explains the director of the Paglieri Balatresi institute –
“Having already had a good number of teachers, we decided to dedicate two days before 12 September to students who will start the first classes, both elementary and middle school, so that they can enter the school and carry out activities with the teachers”, explained the director of the Sacco Fabiana Arnaudo Institute.
The San Domenico Institute he will start the year by maintaining the habits acquired during the pandemic, the different entrances and exits and the staggered access to the canteens, explained the manager Sister Emanuela.
In terms of school services, school transport and pre-school will start from the first day, while for canteens and after-school activities in public schools, activation is scheduled for 19 September and for San Domenico from 13 September.
Even from high school there are signs of optimism. Paolo Cortese director of the Vallauri Institute, Alessandra Pasquale of the Liceo Ancina and Antonella Germini of the Agricultural Institute of Cussanio they look with confidence to the new year marked by numerous appointments of new staff and annual substitutes already reached at the end of last week in a substantially promising framework.
The big news will be represented by the choice of the Vallauri Institute and the Liceo Ancina to modulate the timetable on the basis of the short week: the classes will attend from Monday to Friday and, where the total number of hours requires it, only in some cases will they go to school Saturday).
To the Salesian Institute the workforce has already been completed with a couple of new hires. The 7 first classes will start lessons on 12 September while the second on 13 and the third on 14.

School: the new year starts under the banner of cautious optimism – Loyalty