School, we return on 12 September but for Miur and the Lazio Region the return remained at 15!

After the long summer break, Monday 12 September the bell will ring again for millions of students throughout Italy, expected from the first day of school. Singular that it is on the website of the Lazio region than on that of Ministry of Education for Lazio, the date of 15 September remained, when, on the other hand, almost all the institutes decided to start again early, simultaneously with Abruzzo, Basilicata, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto and in the Province of Trento.

“I wish good return and good work to the students, teachers, managers and all school and administrative staff, central and territorial – declared the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi -. My thanks go to the whole Italian school for the great commitment made in these two difficult years, which will be the basis of this new school year and of that return to a normality for which we have worked and which will finally allow us to return to look at us. in the face, to sit closer, to resume activities and habits that we had to put aside “.

Beyond the institutional oversight for many families and especially many pupils called to face a new school year, the holidays are therefore officially a good memory to bring back to the topics in the classroom and to the teaching staff, who will finally be able to welcome students without masks into the classroom. and restrictions imposed by Covid. An eagerly awaited return to the benches that marks a return to normality in all respects for one of the categories affected by rules and prohibitions for the longest time. Stop to masks, spacings and above all the much discussed Distance Learning; in fact, according to the Ministry of Education, positive students will have to stay at home until they are negative but they will not be able to follow the lessons remotely. It starts again in the presence and with the conviction that this much desired “return to the past” lasts as long as possible. In Lazio and the Castelli Romani there will be many schools that will reopen their doors from 12 September even if, as is now the case for a bizarre custom, there will be many schools that until end of Septemberthey will not guarantee their members not only full time where provided, but not even time cafeteria. A major nuisance for the many families involved who will find themselves forced once again to run independently for cover in the domestic organization, focusing everything on grandparents, babysitters, last minute proxies and early exits from work. To the Castelli Romani most of the public institutes have in fact arranged for the exit around 12-12.30, with all due respect for mothers and fathers forced to organize themselves for at least another two weeks. Organizational problems that affect schools, municipalities and contracting firms in the catering service for various reasons and which are repeated without interruption every year.

An unpleasant custom that families have now made the callus for, which this year does not involve the Municipality of Monte Porzio Catone, ready to start with the canteen as early as Monday 12 September: ravioli in pink sauce, chicken nuggets, salad and ice cream, a welcome menu with all the trimmings that will surely relieve the “afflicted” schoolchildren of the Istituto Comprensivo Don Milani from returning to class . An important goal achieved for the Castellano municipality, which in January will have to contract out the canteen service again today entrusted to the multinational Sodexò.

“It was possible to achieve this result – said the delegate to the School Patrizia Santoro – thanks to the will of both the administration and the school, eager to start again from the first day with the canteen time. In my opinion, and I say this not only as an administrator but also as a grandmother, this is a great help for families who can organize themselves better and have less worry. Furthermore, if a parent chooses full time, the canteen must be guaranteed. The work of the municipal offices and the collaboration of Sodexo were fundamental in all this ”.

An awaited return to the benches that Castelli News will document with photographs and interviews from schools in our area, with the wish to all students of a good start to the school year!

School, we return on 12 September but for Miur and the Lazio Region the return remained at 15! – Castelli News