School with work. First graduates from the Como silk factory


The apprenticeship course for four students of ISIS Paolo Carcanodi Como has been completed. Almost always at the end of the hiring proposal

The first four students, a girl and three boys, graduated from ISIS Paolo Carcano, who followed the dual path: the study hours alternated with the first level apprenticeship in the companies Saati, Lorma and Creazioni Digitali.

A formula with makes study complementary with work during training with the aim of combating early school leaving and facilitating a concrete job placement of students in the company. The data show that through the dual apprenticeship 90% of students, after graduation, are offered to enter the companies where they have carried out their work experience; however, about 50% of them choose to continue their studies.

The project

The project saw the partnership between Ali, a company that deals with the administration, research and selection and active employment policies in the province of Como, and Isis Paolo Carcano Setificio.

On 22 September, in the presence of institutional authorities, representatives of the school and business world, the award ceremony for the students who obtained the diploma in the apprenticeship mode of I level.

Marco Battaglini, manager of the branch in Erba di Ali, explained: «A close dialogue between training and work is the right way, both for companies and for students, to build professional profiles close to the needs of the world of work. The company, following the training of the resource in its own context, has the opportunity to accompany and professionally grow students by providing them with technologically advanced tools and work processes ».

The head teacher Roberto Peverelli immediately supported the project: «I consider the work experience an added value for the students compared to a traditional didactic path and an important opportunity for stimulation and discussion among the children. The involvement of Isis Paolo Carcano in this project introduces debate and reflections in the institute first of all in the teaching staff, and this is already positive in itself, furthermore the attitude to verify and question the work done enriches the idea of “How to teach” and represents a moment of growth for the educational institution as a whole ».

The budget

Michela Meda, head of the Lorma Style Office, textile converter active in haute couture clothing, added: «through the dual apprenticeship we want to give space to young people, accompanying them step by step in the corporate world; if at the end of school the experience were to turn into a permanent contract, we are sure that the children possess the skills that companies require ».

Finally Anna della Bosca, the first student of the Setificio who was involved in the project, commented: «being able to see the dynamics, rhythms and concepts implemented in the company brought me closer to the reality of work. Today I feel more competent and I have consolidated what I learned during the didactic path ». M. Gis.


School with work. First graduates from the Como silk factory