School, young people in the streets in 40 cities. Thousands in Palermo: “Now we decide”

Students in the square to demonstrate their dissent against the current school system and against some measures supported by the Meloni government

Students in the square to demonstrate their dissent against the current school system and against some measures supported by the Meloni government. “From schools to universities, the young people of this country today take to the streets in over 40 cities. From Naples to Milan, from Genoa to Bologna and Palermo – reads a note from Uds and Link -, young people demonstrate for free schools and universities, to be not only heard by politics but to have one’s rights truly respected”.

Students: “More investments and structural change”

We left in procession throughout Italy because of greater investments in the right to study and a structural change in the public education system – say the students in the square – In over 40 cities we are demonstrating for accessible and free schools and universities. In the current context of war and economic crisis, the worsening of material conditions is causing school and university abandonment and youth precariousness. We need politics to listen to us, the current government does not represent us, because it is a government that defends powers and privileges, represses dissent, freedoms and civil rights. Democratic spaces are being cut, our voice is continually silenced with violence, leaving us no room for decision-making. We want to be able to decide on our lives, on our work, school and university paths!”.

The Student Union: “Schools not among political priorities”

“For decades now, schools have not been among the priorities of politics, while the level of early school leaving grows dramatically – says the coordinator of the Bianca Chiesa Student Union – we took to the streets because a national law on the right to studythe abolition of the Pcto in favor of integrated education, tools for greater student representation and protagonism, investments in construction, psychological help desks and alias careers, a new statute of student rights that guarantees the right to strike”.

Thousands of students in the square in Palermo

Thousands of students took to the streets in Palermo for the student procession organized by the Studenti Palermitani coordination. Defying the new anti-rave decree of the Meloni government, they reached concentration starting from the schools with unauthorized marches, blocking traffic and circulation. More than 50 Piazza students invaded the Central Station. Today is International Students’ Day and in many Italian cities young people are also demonstrating to say no more deaths from school-work alternation and to ask the new Ministry to rename, not without criticism, “Education and Merit”, investments for the dilapidated structures”, reads a note.

Banners and images with Meloni and Salvini

In Palermo, the head banner reads “We all deserve a public and quality school”. Next to, the faces of Meloni, Salvini and Piantedosi, Minister of the Interior who worked on the text of the new anti-rave decree. But the students accuse the new government of wanting to use the law to target expressions of dissent. “The excuse is to block raves and protect public order and health, but the word rave is not mentioned even once in the text and indeed it is specified that it wants to increase the penalties for anyone who becomes the protagonist of a generic gathering, which involves the occupation of a public or private structure and includes more than 50 people. The criterion is generic and the application left to the arbitrariness of the individual police stations, which could use the decree against political occupations, carried out to revive an abandoned building, or against an unauthorized gathering in the square to express dissent”.

Coordination of Palermo students: “Don’t forget the question of school-work alternation”

The goal of the law is precisely to hit and hinder the most organized experiences that could create social opposition to this government”. explains Giorgio Caruso, spokesman for the Palermo Student Coordination. “Then there is the issue linked to school-work alternation which in the past alone caused the death of three students during internships working hours and the request to the new government to work to increase investments in public schools”.

School, young people in the streets in 40 cities. Thousands in Palermo: “Now we decide”