I am the mother of Beatrice Ferrero, with Down Syndrome. Since she was born, we parents and her brothers Martina and Luca have considered Beatrice a special and unique person, like everyone else. Of course, in reaching school and daily life goals, she has a longer time, but this did not scare us: through effective strategies, strongly believing in her potential and treating her like everyone else, Beatrice has grown up to date capable, determined and, above all, immersed in the “World of all”.

As a mother and the first person to accompany her since she was a child, I have always fought so that my daughter could live in “everyone’s world”, because I sincerely believe that it is necessary to stop looking at people with disabilities with pity or contempt, thinking that they cannot have a dignified future. I have always worked on Beatrice’s autonomy and independence, trying to create a network around her in which everyone went in the same direction in order to achieve each single goal.

At the time of the school-work alternation, the Study Center of Turin, which has followed us since Beatrice attended elementary school, proposed a training course for the staff of the “Denina Pellico Rivoira” Comprehensive Institute in Saluzzo (which our daughter now attends for four years) and which was approved and activated thanks to the collaboration of the teachers and the Headmaster.

Beatrice’s desire is to get involved with both children and the elderly to understand what her working future could be, so we decided to contact the San Luigi Gonzaga retirement home in Villafalletto, where they welcomed us and they courageously accepted a training carried out by Beatrice’s teachers aimed at all staff.

This training is simply aimed at giving young people with able diversity the opportunity to enter the world of work with the same rights and duties as everyone else, being treated as an integral part of society and not as the “poor” of the case: pietism can no longer stand. We families with children with disabilities are awaiting the approval of the implementing decrees of the enabling law so that the UN Convention finally enters our lives and becomes a tangible reality for everyone; therefore, W the personalized and participated individual life project!

I conclude these lines by thanking the Centro Studi di Torino for the support it has always given us, the Denina Pellico Rivoira Comprehensive Institute and the Villafalletto Rest Home who have been able to listen to us with determination, transforming dreams and, above all, the right into reality. of our children to live actively and always in the “world of all”. I congratulate all the teachers of the aforementioned Institute, with the Headmaster and with the Board and the staff of the Nursing Home: you were the first to reverse the situation and give a touch of quality and I sincerely hope that others Institutions, as well as public and private companies, follow your example.

Thanks to everyone: only by remaining united and creating a network can we achieve great and significant results! “

Bruna Gianoglio

School-work alternation for the disabled, a mother’s “thank you”: “Creating a network achieves great results” – – ​​Online newspaper of the province of Cuneo