Schools and institutes on the beaches of Alicante: “Not one more barracks!”

Not a single barracks more!. The cry is general among the families of the schools and institutes in the beach area from Alicante.

School enrollment on the beaches has already broken the seams of the centers. In two of the institutes of this school district the evolution has been such that They already add students for a new new institute.

In the IES Cabo de la Huertaa center with up to 30 years of existence, the 515 students encrypted in 2011 have become 697 in 2022, almost 200 more, and accumulates four barracks.

At the IES Radio Exterior, which itself houses La Almadraba school due to lack of spacesthey have passed 556 students in 2018 to the 806 of this course250 more, which significantly reduces the quality of teaching as parents and teachers point out.


However, the announcements of a new institute in the area have remained just that, mere announcements so far. And the only planned school has five years lateTherefore, families and teachers urge that the works of the new Almadraba begin at once.

La Albufereta school concentration INFORMATION

The Platform for a Dignified Space to Learn, formed by a dozen AMPA, stars throughout the day this Thursday Concentrations at the gates of public institutes and schools from San Juan beach, Albufereta and Cabo de la Huerta “before the lack of educational infrastructure in one of the most populated areas of the city from Alicante. The area has grown a lot and there are not enough schools or institutes,” says a spokeswoman.

For a dignified space to learn, they claim with banners Alex Alvarez

They denounce the lack of infrastructures “the classrooms are saturatedfull schools and overflowing institutes”. They do not accept “not one more hut” and that several of the centers “lack a library, music or plastic classroom due to lack of spaces”.


They also specify that in some of the schools “boys and girls should eat in a very short time since the school canteen has become too small and they have to work several shifts”.

Concentration of the Costa Blanca school INFORMATION

“The lack of infrastructure is violating the educational legislation itself and is depriving us of the basic right to quality public education,” they stress, and hold the Ministry and the City Council responsible of the situation while requiring them to immediately undertake the necessary works to resolve it.

Messages addressed to the Councilor for Education, Julia Llopis Alex Alvarez

“It’s fundamental that the construction of the La Almadraba school begin now. Five years ago they promised to build it and it should have been completed in 2020,” they recall, extremely upset.


They are also collecting signatures that will be sent to both administrations with the claims they indicate.

Condomina school concentration INFORMATION

The platform is also joined by the Association of Neighbors of PAU 5and the representatives of the AMPA of the three institutes Radio Exterior, Cabo de la Huerta and Playa San Juan are integrated.

Voramar school concentration INFORMATION

And from seven schools Voramar, El Faro, Condomina, Costa Blanca, Mediterráneo, Albufereta and Almadraba, as well as teachers from the IES Cabo de la Huerta.

Schools and institutes on the beaches of Alicante: “Not one more barracks!”