Seremi of Education met with leaders of the College of Teachers on Historical Debt

The SEREMI met with leaders to inform about the web platform that will allow the affected teachers to check with their RUT and their Unique Key if they are part of the list of about 76 thousand teachers that the ministry has, and if not, to be able to request their incorporation.

The Education Department of the Valparaíso Region Romina Maragaño, together with regional and community leaders of the Teachers’ Association, presented the web platform that will allow teachers affected by the so-called Historical Debt to check if they are on the list of transferred teachers between 1980 and 1987, which was prepared by the Ministry of Education between the years 2016-2017. This with the aim of advancing in the government’s commitment to present a reparation bill.

It is called Historical Debt to the salary damage suffered by thousands of public school teachers during the dictatorship, when the administration of the establishments was transferred from the State to the municipalities, which prevented professionals from receiving the salary adjustment that was contemplated in Decree Law No. 3,551 (Article 40), since this was unknown to his new employers. This caused their salaries to be reduced, so that in the last four decades thousands of teachers have demanded the repair of this debt.

President Gabriel Boric assumed the commitment to advance in the repair and that is why the Ministry of Education enabled the platform that will allow the affected teachers to check with their RUT and their Unique Key if they are part of the list of about 76 thousand professors that the ministry has, and if they do not appear, to be able to request their inclusion.

The Seremi Romina Maragaño stressed that “we wanted to remember the creation of the platform and the collection of information regarding a single list of teachers with current historical debt. We know that we have to move towards a process of acknowledgment and reparation of the debt, it is a commitment of the President of the Republic and the Ministry of Education. We must continue to make progress so that all teachers in this situation can register and later, in the pre-legislative period that is being worked on with the Teachers’ Association, to prepare the law that allows the recognition and repair of this debt.

About this meeting with leaders and teachers, the SEREMI added that “I am left with the feeling of the teachers who are very well informed, also with the spirit of collaboration to reinforce those who have not registered and support them. There is a restless and critical spirit that is very characteristic of teachers, of which I am proud. This demand is still in force mainly because it has been the retired teachers who have kept it current and informed and keenly aware of something that the State has to take responsibility for and take charge of”.

For her part, the vice president of the Valparaíso Regional Teachers Association, Corina Silva, said that she had “finally received real recognition from the Ministry, where all the teachers who have spent years fighting for recognition and payment are taken into account. of this historical debt. No government had been as committed as this one and from the Ministry to meet us and work together is a great opportunity for this to go ahead. There is a real commitment.” At the same time, she called on teachers to “communicate with all those retired teachers they know to enter the page and validate their data and see if they are in the registry and register if they are not”.

Platform and review period

Currently there is a database that individualizes about 76 thousand teachers affected in the process of transfer to the municipalities (1980-1987), of which 68% correspond to women. The list was built between 2016 and 2017, but it does not include all the affected teachers, because part of the transfer decrees were in illegible conditions.

Therefore, the web platform will allow those who have been affected to verify if they are on the list, rectify the information if it is wrong, and if they are not, request their inclusion. And it will be open until Friday, September 30.

The registration and verification platform for the affected teachers is part of the work that the Undersecretary of Education and the Teachers’ Association have spearheaded to pay off this debt. The Ministry’s commitment is, after having the complete list, to present a bill in Congress that makes it possible to pay compensation to the injured teachers.

Seremi of Education met with leaders of the College of Teachers on Historical Debt