Shakira chose an expensive school for her children, they would go with the family of Alejandro Sanz

On November 8, the headlines of all the media highlighted that Shakira had finally reached an agreement with her ex-partner Piqué, about the future of their children Sasha and Milan.

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Despite the fact that they had met to discuss it, they had not been able to reach an agreement on the minors, however, according to the international press, the ex-partner had already signed and made clear all the points about the two little ones.

Shakira’s children would study with Alejandro Sanz’s children

Getting everything ready for her departure to the United States, the Colombian decided to enroll her children in a new school where they will be closely aligned with the education they will soon receive there.

According to international media, Shakira would have chosen another school where they would have no problem entering another school when they move.

“From the La Miranda school, near his home, to the American School of Barcelona. Studies at the same level would be validated. This elitist school is one of the most prestigious in the Catalan capital. It is governed by the american educational system”, highlighted the media The National.

The children of the Catalan elite have passed through the American School of Barcelona, ​​because according to what was reported by the press, the children of none other than Alejandro Sanz, with whom the Colombian has an excellent relationship, would also be there. .

“And it is that it is not within the reach of all pockets. To enter the school, parents must pay the amount of 250 euros, in addition to a first registration of 1,170 euros. The children of the singer and the soccer player are studying Elementary School. For each year they pay 21,000 euros. In those 21,000 euros are not including transportation, food or insurance. So Shakira and Piqué paid more than 40,000 euros for their two children,” said the same outlet.

If they stay to eat at school, “parents will pay 1,650 euros per student per month. There is a life insurance of 550 euros per year, and the bus costs 150 euros per month. Extracurricular aside”.

Shakira’s children would not want to leave Spain

A few days ago, international media pointed out that Shakira would have to overcome a small “inconvenience” before finishing packing.

This is the decision that apparently would have delayed the Colombian’s departure from Spain to land in the United States as she has been wanting.

According to what was mentioned by Telemundo, in the “Hoy día” program the two boys would have told Shakira that they do not want to leave Barcelona yet and in fact they prefer to stay in the country of the Iberian Peninsula of Europe at least until the end of 2022.

Apparently the boys do not want to leave “their life behind” because there they have “all their friends, their whole life and even their day to day at the Club” among other things to which they are already accustomed, highlighted the journalists of the program.

However, the singer would have told the boys that for now Shakira would have had to “postpone the trip until mid-January to see if she could convince them,” said one of the presenters.

Shakira chose an expensive school for her children, they would go with the family of Alejandro Sanz