Ski school total evader: turnover of 6 million. 15 “abusive” teachers also in trouble

TRENTO – In recent days, the financiers of the Cles Lieutenancy have discovered a company completely unknown to the taxman, active in the sector of the organization of trips, ski and snowboard school and sports equipment rental winter – managed by some subjects of Polish nationality. The commercial activity was rooted in Val di Sole and it lasted from 2016 to 2020, without compliance with any obligation under tax legislation and in total evasion of income tax and VAT.

The investigation stems from the development of an independent information activity, launched before the lockdown in March 2020, against a Polish citizen not resident in Italy, who owns an apartment in a well-known tourist resort in the Val di Sole. Following the launch of a tax inspection against the natural person, upon initial access to the domicile declared as a civilian residence, the Financiers noted, on the other hand, the presence of a real entrepreneurial activity, open to the publicwhere a series of activities related to the tourism sector took place, such as front office for apartment rental and ski equipment rentalas well as booking of ski lessons with instructors of Polish nationality.

Inside the premises, in addition to the presence of numerous non-accounting documentation, also of an IT nature, it was found a large sum of cash, equal to over 90,000.00 euros, relating to recent receipts from the activity carried out. The Fiamme Gialle of Trentino have ascertained that the commercial activity in question was advertised on the internetat competitive prices, with explicit reference to the Italian headquarters of the Polish ski school and through promotional videos filming customers entering the ski rental shop. Among the various activities carried out in a form completely unknown to the tax authorities, there is also that of ski schoolfor which they have been identified 15 foreign ski instructorswhich, despite being devoid of qualification valid in Italyhave illegally operated on behalf of the total tax evader company.

Subsequent investigations and the overall elements collected during the inspection activities made it possible to ascertain that the company, duly declared and active in Poland, was actually also operating in Italy through a so-called hidden stable organization of people and capital goodshowever not declaring the income to the Italian tax authorities, quantified in addition 1.8 million euros in taxes evadedcompared to a total turnover of more than 6 million euros.

At the end of the investigative activity, 1 individual was referred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Trento for the crime pursuant to art. 5 of Legislative Decree no. 74 of 2000 “omitted declaration” for the purposes of income tax and VAT in his capacity as manager And coordinator of fact of the company, as well as 15 ski instructors for violation of the art. 348 penal code abusive exercise of a profession.

Ski school total evader: turnover of 6 million. 15 “abusive” teachers also in trouble